Interoperability Standards Implementation

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The air quality meetings at the 2009 ESIP Summer Meeting and GEO-VI highlighted key needs for the AQWG, including the crucial need for the community to define best practices in implementing standards for achieving interoperability among air quality information systems and projects. Despite the importance of this activity, it has not advanced since the meetings. ESIP is in a unique position to organize a workshop dedicated to this topic and to establish best practices across the air quality community that could remove many of the barriers to broad adoption and use of interoperability standards.

The workshop would focus on how to implement and use interoperability standards for air quality research and management. Interaction among workshop participants prior to the face-to-face workshop will be critical to its success. Sharing experiences, examples, and methods through the ESIP wiki will lay the foundation for the workshop and make the face-to-face meeting more productive. By the end of the workshop, we would expect to have a clear set of interoperability standards defined that are endorsed by the air quality community and for which there are a number of example implementations that others can use as examples for standing up new services or for making use of services in their analyses and applications. Included would be comprehensive and easy-to-follow guidance and best practices for the use of interoperability standards.

The workshop is not expected to be a traditional "one-and-done" workshop. Some ideas include:

  • A series of "virtual" workshops
  • provide support for "virtual travel and participation"