Interoperability Outline

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Very Generic - What's available

WHat can we do to help process

How can we show interoperability works

3 Activities (function)

1. Collected Resources

2. Extension-Development of standards

3. Interoperability demonstrations

4. Catalog of interoperable datasets

Environment of these activities: - Each activity is being pursued independently by multiple organizations

- social well-behaved "cloud fishing" from all different sources and put collection on CF convention also put subset of view to air quality

Constraints of these activities: - To be applied to specific application domain (e.g. model intercomparison, satellite data)

- Impossible to have self-registration to track all resources. Closest we can get is if the community tracks

- We have to make extensions that satisfy our needs, can share whole process with CF

- inter-cyber-national- neutrality

everything should be considered as a part of something else

Product: Leads to "good" of interoperability and ability to network through standards

- Can apply to model intercomparison, interop. between observational data,

Start with data access services to find "valves" where data can come from