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Meeting Agenda - DS Committee - 2016-03-21 2PM EDT

  • Join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • You can also dial in using your phone.
  • United States: +1 (408) 650-3123
  • Access Code: 453-694-565

Attendees: Jennifer Saleem Arrigo, Nathan James, Ge Peng, Denise Hills, Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Nancy Ritchey, Matt Mayernik, Bob Downs, Janine Aquino, Madison Langseth, Ruth Duerr, Tamar Norkin, Rama (H. K. Ramapriyan), Corinna Gries, Erin Robinson, Shelley Stall, Vicky Wolf, Leslie Hsu, Rebecca Fowler, Justin Goldstein, Sophie Hou


1. Introductions - Justin and Sophie

  • Justin - Started the meeting through providing brief overview of the Data Stewardship Committee and a preview of its 2016 activities. He also introduced Sophie as the group’s student fellow.

2. Research Data Alliance 7th Plenary Report Outs - Denise et al.

  • Notes from Denise:

3. Vice ­Chair Discussion - Justin

  • Justin - Given the amount of activities that are performed by the ESIP Data Stewardship Committee and the other data stewardship/curation/management centric organizations, it would be helpful for the ESIP Data Stewardship Committee to have a Vice Chair to help in coordinate the collaboration activities and to inform about the wide-range of ongoing activities within the committee. The Vice Chair will help in augmenting/complementing the responsibilities/duties that the Chair is currently fulfilling. For the rest of 2016, Justin would specifically like the Vice Chair’s help in keeping in touch with the other key collaborating organizations, such as RDA and GEO. The Chair, the Vice Chair, and the student fellow would help in reviewing and dividing up the different responsibilities needed to facilitate the activities for the ESIP Data Stewardship Committee. Additionally, the Vice Chair should expect to be the first choice of the ESIP nominating committee for becoming the next committee chair, although willingness to accept a subsequent nomination for chair is not required. Please note that the ESIP bylaws require only that an election occurs through a candidate receiving the majority of votes, and do not prescribe a process.
  • Justin - Nomination for the Vice Chair can be submitted through email/GoToMeeting chat/phone call as well.
  • Erin - There is no specific preference for how the nomination should occur.
  • Denise - One note: we can document our process for a "policies and procedures" as well as sending it out over email (sent via GoToMeeting chat).
  • Nominations:
  • Nancy Ritchey - Nominated by Nancy H. and Denise
  • Nancy is willing to accept the nomination.
  • Rama - Nominated by Nancy H. and Denise
  • Rama is willing to accept the nomination.
  • Justin - A Google Form will be created and be sent to ESIP Data Stewardship Committee to facilitate the election for Vice Chair.
  • Erin - The announcement for the election should also be sent out via ESIP Data Stewardship as well as ESIP All listservs.
  • Justin - The election will be ongoing for seven (7) days.
  • The process for this election was approved without objection by meeting participants.

4. 2016 ESIP Summer Meeting sessions - Justin

  • Sophie - Will keep the above document updated after the meeting today.
  • Madison - Has proposed a session on identifier and would like to solicit speakers.
  • Janine - Can speak to how NCAR/EOL is implementing identifiers.
  • Denise - Will likely to propose a session on agile data management and use cases.
  • Nancy H. - Would like to share progress regarding the data management training working group, and would like to confirm what would be the best venue if the Committee will not hold a Report Out/Planning session.
  • Justin - Would like to help minimize sessions in order to decrease chances of session overlap, especially since the Report Out/Planning session is mostly attended by monthly telecon participants anyway.
  • Erin - Lunch/break will also be utilized for sharing/exchanging activities/ideas/project progress).
  • Ruth - Sustainability cluster also has a few ideas that could be collaborated with the Data Stewardship Committee; Ruth will help with the coordination.
  • Sophie - Will be proposing a session on applying user interface/experience principles and practices to evaluate data services from data archives/repositories; if there is anyone who would be interested in being a speaker at this session, please let Sophie/Matt Mayernik/Ruth know.

5. Presentation + QA - Jennifer Saleem­ Arrigo (NOAA Climate Program Office - jennifer DOT saleemarrigo AT noaa DOT gov)

  • Presentation File - Media: Saleem_Arrigo-data_stewardship_at_COD.pdf
  • “Facilitating and Ensuring Data STewardship: Data Challenges of NOAA’s Climate Observation Division”.
  • Conceptual Description of NOAA PARR Plan:
  • Vision for NOAA Data Management: Discoverable, Accessible, Usable, Preserved.
  • Data management for Ocean Climate Observation data includes partnering with many stakeholders, including those that are in private sector and external/international.
  • Satellite and model data will continue to grow and contribute significant amount of overall Ocean Climate Observation data.
  • Data management activities involve project managers as well as researchers/scientists. The areas reviewed are data lineage/quality, document, access, and preservation/protection.
  • Overall, data from Climate Observation Division have different characteristics/level of maturity with metadata compliance, data formats, and long term data archive needing more work. Additionally, provenance and control of raw observations to derived products are also important for further review.
  • What’s Next:
  • Projects are spending between 2% to 21% of resources on data management; additional review will be provided to determine how additional resources can be added to help with data management activities.

6. Adjourn