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Meeting Agenda and Notes - DS Committee - 2015-03-16 2PM EDT

(Link to the Notes in Google Doc format )

Link to webex: Passcode: 23138372

Telecon: 1-877-668-4493 Access Code: 23138372

Attendees: Justin Goldstein, Sophie Hou, Ge Peng, Denise Hills, Rama Ramapriyan, Steve Aulenbach, Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Anne Wilson, Plato Smith, Tim DiLauro, Mo Khayat, Joe Hourclé, Natalie Meyers, Ruth Duerr, Soren Scott, Matt Mayernik, Vicky Wolf, Bob Downs, Steve Olding, Jake Carlson (plus 2 other members: Steve, K)

Action Items:

  1. Upload the Data Maturity Matrix report based on the review of ACADIS datasets. - Ruth
  2. Additional discussion on how to apply Data Maturity Matrix to long tail data - Peng and Ruth to lead
  3. Reach out to DataONE to help engage their participation in Data Maturity Matrix evaluation - Rama, Steve, and Sophie
  4. Apply Data Stewardship Maturity Matrix to climate model reanalysis and cruise time series datasets - Sophie
  5. Determine the number of sessions available during ESIP Summer meeting - Justin
  6. Promote collaboration with other clusters for sessions at ESIP Summer meeting - everyone
  7. Share submitted session proposals or provide session ideas through Google document ( in addition to posting the abstracts to the ESIP Commons - everyone


1. Brief presentation (5 mins):

a. RDA (Ruth / Anne)
i. Anne, Ruth, Bob, and Joe were at the RDA meeting.
ii. Anne - Many working groups are starting to deliver the working groups’ outcomes; one of the notable ones is the Data Fabric interest group.
iii. Ruth - Domain repository group is working on 1) ensuring that RDA products work for domain repositories and 2) promoting results to repositories.
iv. Joe - Newcomers that are dealing with data might have to play catch up with the rest of the group members that have been involved with RDA for a while.
1. Ruth shared that there will be attempts from RDA to help people to catch up.

2. Status Update / Reports:

a. ExCom update (Justin)
i. Summer meeting is the key focus.
ii. Proposed theme: data driven community resilience.
1. There will be additional reviews regarding the proposed theme.
iii. Most are on board with exploring the proposed theme.
iv. Denise - The theme is meant to be open ended, so that it can encourage conversations/discussions. A session with different focus is also possible for the summer meeting.
b. Work Plan (Justin)
i. Discussion about updating the work plan; currently the document is in the format of Google document about 2-3 pages.
ii. The link to the strategic plan is as follows:
c. Data Stewardship Maturity Matrix (Ruth)
i. The most recent call is to review what should be the next steps.
ii. Ruth had prepared a report based on the datasets in ACADIS and will share the report via Data Maturity matrix wiki page (
iii. One of the questions to discuss is how to apply the matrix to long-tail data.
iv. Also, are there other communities/groups who would be able to assist in the testing? For example, could DataONE be involved?
1. Rama has suggested that he could try. (Bob Cook, BIll Michener, Amber Budden)
2. Natalie has suggested Line Pouchard as a contact also.
v. Peng is currently mainly working with NOAA climate records; eventually, we would like to feature case studies on the Data Maturity Matrix wiki page.
vi. Teleconferences could be used to review data against the matrix.
1. Sophie will help upload the evaluation results to the wiki page as the case studies.
vii. Sophie volunteers for 2 different types data: climate model and time-series for ecological observations.
d. Special issue of JMGL (Bob)
i. Two special issues will be devoted to geospatial data management and preservation.
ii. Due to the submission schedule, accepted articles will appear in one of two issues..
iii. The reviews have not all been completed, so it is uncertain which papers will be included in the first issue. However, a sufficient number of papers have been received to publish the first issue.
iv. For the second issue, more time is provided for papers that will be included but might need more updates.
v. Bob has not participated in the review process, but has been helping with the publication procedure in general.
vi. Denise’ paper is part of a 2-part GeoResJ special issue:
1. The link to second part of the issue that is currently in progress:
e. Data Management Training (Nancy H. and Sophie)
i. Paper (to ISTL) update.
1. The paper has been reviewed by Nancy H., Ruth, and Justin. The paper is going through its final revision and is aimed to be submitted as a refereed paper by April in order to be published by June.
ii. Reviewing data management short course outline and updating the short course.
1. Considering a funding proposal idea: initially discussed the possibility of funding from EarthCube.
iii. Workshop at ESIP Summer?
1. A possibility to expose the data management training modules’ content and to solicit feedback/suggestion regarding the next steps.
f. ESIP Summer Meeting sessions and posters (deadline: April 27th).
i. Ruth - It would be good for us to move the Data Maturity Matrix effort to a point where we can discuss it at the Summer Meeting.
1. Peng - We could also proposed a session on assessing the maturity including data management process, life stages, as well as individual datasets.
ii. Rama - Information Quality and Stewardship session (
1. Focused on data quality and usability.
iii. Denise - Repository metadata for different physical sample types.
1. Ruth - A relevant topic since there are other efforts in progress to review physical sample stewardship.
iv. From item e.iii above, data management training session?
v. Ruth - What is the total number of sessions that is available? Also, should we explore the possibility of combining different clusters together?
1. Justin will help in contacting Erin to confirm the number of sessions.
2. Denise also suggests that members who are in more than 1 group/cluster can help in facilitating the collaboration.
vi. Justin has asked those who have submitted a session to provide a short description under the following Google document link:

3. Other (Sophie):

a. Wiki page re-organization and update
b. List of Data Stewardship Organizations (
c. 2nd Annual True North Science Boot Camp for Librarians - This year’s TNSBC will focus on Research Data Management in the Sciences.

4. Adjourn

Next monthly telecon: Monday, April 20, 2015 2 PM EDT / 11 PM PDT