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Meeting Agenda - DS Committee - 2015-02-06 3PM EST

(full notes from Planning Session at ESIP Winter Meeting 2015:

Link to the Meeting Notes: Meeting Notes

Webex: (Link to Webex) Password: 23138372

Telecon: 1-877-668-4493 Access Code: 23138372

  • 1. Introductions: Justin and Sophie
  • 2. Logistics:
a. Scheduling future meetings (Sophie)
b. Anything else
  • 3. PROV-ES presentation by Dr. Hook Hua (JPL)
  • Please contact Dr. Hua for reuse/re-distribution permissions
  • 4. Status Update / Reports:
a. Dynamic Data Citation Workshop (Ruth)
b. Earth Cube Council of Data Facilities (Ruth)
c. Coalition on Publishing Data in the Earth and Space Sciences (Ruth)
  • Materials:
(1) Hanson, B., K. Lehnert, and J. Cutcher-Gershenfeld (2015), Committing to publishing data in the Earth and space sciences, Eos, 96, doi:10.1029/2015EO022207.
(2) Statement on page accessible at:
(3) AGU Data Policy at:
  • Articles
e. Data Stewardship Maturity Matrix
f. Data Management Training
  • 5. Other?
a. Wiki page re-organization (
b. List of Data Stewardship Organizations (
  • Adjourn