Interagency Data Stewardship/LifeCycle/Preservation Forum/TeleconNotes/20100107

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Meeting Notes - January 7, 2010 (held during the ESIP Federation meeting in DC)


Ruth Duerr, Bruce Wilson, H. K. Ramapriyan, Curt Tilmes, John Moses, Bruce Barkstrom, Brian Duggan, ??

(NOTE: I didn't capture a complete attendance list, so please add yourself if I inadvertently missed you)


  • Status of Provenance Report from summer meeting
  • Status of Data Management Principles
  • Status of Identifiers testbed
  • Planning for summer meeting

Provenance Report

Some (but not all people) have contributed material to the Google site; but, someone needs to take charge of the paper and move it forward. Curt Tilmes kindly volunteered to do so. A fair amount of time was spent refining the purpose of the paper (to define earth science needs, what the field is doing, and what are the gaps).

Bruce Wilson wants to bring in John Quincy from the California Digital Libraries group to help round out the team. All agreed that that would be good.

Data Management Principles and Best Practices

Ruth noted that discussion of the topic had been tabled in the Executive Committee. This basically gives us a year to draft a solid set. The original topic had just been about data sharing; but, in reality if this is to be meaningful it also needs to talk the full range of responsibilities (producer, user, archive, etc.). Ruth noted that she had spent a day or so perusing Data Policies from various places. Rama volunteered to work on the next draft.

Identifiers Testbed

Ruth noted that the metadata for the Glacier Photo database is available for loading and that we are ready to obtain a DOI for that data set. Bruce Wilson sent out an XML file that they use for obtaining said DOI to the groups involved with the test bed. Curt Tilmes introduced Brian Duggan who will be providing the metadata for the ozone data set. Bruce Barkstrom noted that he was working on a test plan.

Summer meeting planning

We did not have much time to talk about this. The one idea floated was a session on information for air quality decision making including things such as derivation and intended use.