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Preservation and Stewardship Telecon June 10, 2009


Ruth Duerr, Curt Tilmes, Mike Folk, Frank Lindsey, Bruce Barkstrom, H. K. Ramapriyan, Bob Downs, Brand Niemann, Rob Raskin, Mark Parsons, John Schialdone (sp?)

Finalize ESIP agenda

Provenance and Context Workshop discussion

  • The major topic was a discussion of what needs to come out of the workshop
    • What is the agenda for moving forward? Who is the audience? What is trying to be achieved?
    • What is the research question(s) to be addressed?
    • What is the implementation plan for provenance and maintaining context?
    • Must keep in mind what the federal agencies are capable of doing in terms of their individual mandates and respective roles and responsibilities (agencies are a primary audience for this work).
      • Perhaps include a topic on agency constraints.
    • What is the state of the art in provenance as it is currently being implemented.
    • Real examples will drive the conversation (e.g. getting to the original data for the ‘hockey stick’ controversy, solar constant)

Ruth will draft a skeleton outline for the report that should come out of this workshop. The team agreed to use both the email as well as wiki updates to flesh out the outline over the next few weeks.

Need to investigate opportunities for remote participation in the meeting for the full workshop

Friday, July 10 Cluster Meeting (1-hour session)

  • Previously identified topic for the session – unique identifiers
    • Candidate dataset list for the unique object identifier testbed
    • Next steps
  • Other agenda content
    • Unfinished business from the workshop
    • Emergent topics from the workshop

Preparations for fall AGU

  • AGU Session Submission has been extended to June 15.
    • Would a session be beneficial?
      • Union topic, perhaps (Informatics and Union)
      • Rob Raskin, Rama Ramapriyan, Ruth Duerr to submit a session proposal as co-convenors
  • What about a townhall?
    • Rob Raskin pursuing this

ESIP testbed discussion

  • Products and Services Committee submitted a funding proposal for a testbed for standards
    • One area covered is to develop a Unique Object Identifiers testbed on the wiki
      • $5k for a programmer
      • to be used to try out some of the ideas on the identifiers
      • Need to develop a project plan for this
        • How should we identify the data to be used in the testbed?
          • Volunteers from data centers, multiple datasets
          • In situ and satellite data both need to be considered.
        • Need to select schemes to test
        • What's the assessment process?
        • Fleshing out the project plan will be a topic for the cluster meeting in July