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Ruth Duerr, Curt Tilmes, Bob Cook, Giri Palanisamy, Bruce Barkstrom


Bruce provided a summary of the Products and Services telecon last week which discussed the testbed activities. Salient points are:

  • Rob Raskin's goal is that the testbed would provide a prototype registration site which would redirect users to the original data
  • The testbed at George Mason exists and can be used for this
  • Drupal is the web development environment for the testbed
  • The programmer, who can be tasked to support testbed activities, exists

After discussion it was generally agreed that a wide variety of data sets should be used to test each of the identifier schemes and each participant has relevant data sets to contribute metadata for. Identified data sets include:

  • NSIDC's glacier photo collection (random place, time, source, with repeats occasionally)
  • NSIDC's GLAS data ("Picket fence" spatial organization over short time periods spaced intermittently)
  • GSFC's Ozone datasets (orbit data partitioned to keep all daylight data together; and profile data sets)
  • GSFC's 3-D merged cloud data set
  • NOAA/Bruce B. - ERBE (long-time series from multiple satellites)
  • NOAA/Bruce B. - Hurricane Ike collection (spatially organized data collection)
  • ORNL - biological sampling data?

For the next few weeks the group will continue to meet weekly by telecon (Wed. 2 pm EDT)