Instructions for Data System/Center Presenters

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Presentation Objective: Explain each system does and does not do.

Each Presenter Will Address:

1. Summary description of System and Usage a. Data types and spatial, temporal and compositional attributes b. Primary user and/or supplier groups c. Overview and elaboration of major functions of the system per our standard data value chain (diagram below), is it end to end or is it focused on some part of the chain. What are most important functions?

Note: presenters should cover "connections to other systems” as part of stage 3 (data aggregation/processing etc in the diagram). These should focus on active/managed connection to the system, not passive uses.

2. Planned enhancements/data system trajectory

3. What are the big issues, for the user community, on the system and its future?

We will discuss what functional "Gaps" existing across this portfolio of systems during the group session which follows

11:15am Group Discussion