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:* [https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1DjxlHijBy3JPT942WgodsV7JQYptwfbgFwTVzjsC7yo/viewform Link to Data Quality Use Case Submission Form]
:* [https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1DjxlHijBy3JPT942WgodsV7JQYptwfbgFwTVzjsC7yo/viewform Link to Data Quality Use Case Submission Form]
===Pre-2016 items ===
* 2012-11-05: [[November 2012 IQ Cluster Meeting]]
* 2011-01-04: [[January_4-6,_2012_ESIP_Winter_Meeting,_Washington,_DC| ESIP 2012 Meeting in Washington DC]]
* 2011-12-20: [[Dec_20, 2011| Telecon]]
* 2011 October: [[QA4EO'11|QA4EO'11]]
* 2011-09-20: [[September_20, 2011| Telecon]]
* 2011-09-14: [[September_14, 2011| MDSA interim review]]
* 2011-07-14: [[July_14,_2011| ESIP Federation Summer Meeting in Santa Fe]]
* 2011-06-28: [[June_28,_2011|The NEXT Next Telecon, discussing/finalizing Santa Fe Agenda]]
* 2011-03-25: [[IQ telecons|IQ telecons]] established
* 2011-01-06: [[IQ cluster kick-off meeting|IQ cluster kick-off meeting]]
* 2010-12-22: [[Data_Quality_and_Validation_White_Paper_Kick-off, GSFC| QA&V White Paper Kick-off meeting]]
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Information Quality

Welcome to the ESIP Information Quality Cluster
Cluster Chair: H. K. "Rama" Ramapriyan
Co-Chairs: Ge Peng, David Moroni

Vision: Become internationally recognized as an authoritative and responsive resource of information and guidance to data providers on how best to implement data quality standards and best practices for their science data systems, datasets, and data/metadata dissemination services.

2015-2020 Goals:

  • Bring together people from various disciplines to assess aspects of quality of Earth science data
  • Establish and publish baseline of standards and best practices for data quality for adoption by inter-agency and international data providers
  • Build framework for consistent capture, harmonization, and presentation of data quality for the purposes of climate change studies, Earth science and applications

NOTE: The efforts and goals of this cluster are motivated by the participants of the cluster, so new ideas and participants are always welcome.

2016 Strategic Plan: 2016IQCPlan

Events and Activities

What's New


Meeting Notes


Resources (related activities)

Get Involved

The Information Quality Cluster has once-a-month telecons.

  • To join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone, click:


  • You can also dial in using your phone.
    • United States: +1 (312) 757-3121
    • Access Code: 240-974-205
  • Cluster Coordinators: H. K. "Rama" Ramapriyan, David Moroni, Ge Peng