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* [[IQ_Standards|IQ Standards]]
* [[IQ_Standards|IQ Standards]]
* [[IQ_Webpages|IQ Webpages]]
* [[IQ_Webpages|IQ Webpages]]
*[[:Category:Information Quality | Wiki Pages]]
===Resources (related activities)===
===Resources (related activities)===

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Information Quality

Welcome to the ESIP Information Quality Cluster

The objective of IQ cluster is to bring together people from various disciplines to assess aspects of quality of remote sensing data. We will be learning and sharing best practices with a goal to build a framework for consistent capture, harmonization, and presentation of data quality for the purposes of climate change studies, earth science and applications. The efforts and goals of this cluster are not predefined and are motivated by the participants of the cluster, so new ideas and participants are always welcome.

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Resources (related activities)

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The Information Quality Cluster has once-a-month telecons.