ISRSE 2009 Web Resource Demonstration Information

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Please provide information about web resources that you would like to be included in our demonstration at the 2009 ISRSE meeting in Stresa. Please provide all information by March 20, 2009 to allow us enough time to integrate the resource links and information into the virtual machine that will be developed and distributed as part of the demonstration.

Please include the following information for each service you want to provide:

  • A short name for the site/resource
  • A narrative description of the site/resource that describes:
    • The purpose of the site/resource
    • The information available through the site/resource
    • Any other related information about the site/resource
  • The organization hosting the site/resource (as it should be listed with the site/resource links in the VM)
  • Contact name and information for more information about the site/resource
  • Screenshots (optional)

Satellite Observations in Science Education SOSE

The purpose of this site is to improve the teaching and learning of the Earth system through quality educational resources that make use of satellite observations. Recognizing the increasing importance of online learning techniques, this site makes freely available a library of Reusable Content Objects (RCOs) - a toolkit adaptable to a wide variety of applications. Using this toolkit, an educator can quickly assemble highly interactive web-based activities.

The site also provides access to real-time satellite data via a very simple (one click) interface.

Sponsored by NASA, developed and hosted by the University of Wisconsin Space Science and Engineering Center, SSEC Contact information available on the site.


McIDAS-V is a free, open source, visualization and data analysis software package that is the next generation in SSEC's 35-year history of sophisticated McIDAS software packages. McIDAS-V displays weather satellite (including hyperspectral) and other geophysical data in 2- and 3-dimensions. McIDAS-V can also analyze and manipulate the data with its powerful mathematical functions.

Developed by the University of Wisconsin Space Science and Engineering Center, SSEC

Screenshot follows:

McV screenshot.jpg