ISO Platforms and Instruments

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How ISO Does It

Most environmental datasets include observations that are made using instruments and, sometimes, platforms with multiple instruments. The characteristics of those instruments are, therefore, essential elements of the documentation for those instruments. Tracking changes in the instruments or their settings through time is also critical. The MI_Platform and MI_Instrument objects included in ISO 19115-2 provide a framework for connecting those descriptions to datasets.

+ citation[0..*] : CI_Citation
+ identifier : MD_Identifier
+ description : CharacterString
+ sponsor[0..*] : CI_ResponsibleParty

+ citation[0..*] : CI_Citation
+ identifier : MD_Identifier
+ description : CharacterString
+ description[0..1] : CharacterString

ESIP Response


  • Henry - GZS DISC
  • Gao - NASA LARC
  • Daniel Jacob
  • Tyler Stevens - Yes, GCMD has platform & instrument information tagged with its metadata
  • Ed Armstrong
  • Deborah Smith - Discover
  • Karl Benedict
  • Rudy Husar
  • Ken Casey - We do already within our NOCD namespace which contains unique platform and instrument codes
  • Jeff Arnfield - For contemporary networks a great amount of detail needs to be captured for instruments


John Schaldone - Not now, but maybe in the future.