Hoff: Remote Sensing of Particulate Pollution from Space

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Doc #: Title: Remote Sensing of Particulate Pollution from Space | Document Link
Organization/Author: Hoff, R. and Christopher, S.
Type: "Journal Article" is not in the list (Report, Workshop, Paper, Website, Presentation, Legislation, Other) of allowed values for the "DocType" property.Journal Article
Year: 2009
Region: International
Observation Type:
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Document Status: Unsubmitted, 2009/11/00"2009/11/00" contains a sequence that could not be interpreted against an available match matrix for date components.

Description of Document: Review article for AWMA on using satellite-derived AOD to estimate PM surface concentrations and enhance Air Quality
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Remote Sensing of Particulate Pollution from Space: Have We Reached the Promised Land?

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