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Can we go back to an old wiki page version, visible via the history page?


Is this an administrator job?

No, anyone logged in can revert pages back to a former version


Reverting back to a previous version:
  1. Click on history
  2. Choose the datetime you wish to revert to by clicking on that hyperlinked date.
  3. Verify that this is the correct version. Move forward and back with the previous/next buttons to get to the proper place.
  4. Click the edit tab. In the comment box note that this is a revision and then save (note: there will be a warning about saving an out of date page, go ahead and do this anyway).
Adding content from a previous version (partial revision)

For example, there is a way to splice in the old stuff Michael needs (without doing a full reversion).

  1. Go to the current version of the page you want to change
  2. Click on the “history” tab.
  3. Choose the radio buttons next to the current page and the page in history that contains the pieces you want to add back.
  4. Click on “compare”
  5. Copy the old text you want.
  6. Edit the current page and insert the missing text

More information

Mediawiki instructions on reverting pages
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