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== Page names, locations, and URLs ==
== Page names, locations, and URLs ==
:''For details see [[Help:Variable]]''
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! Word  
! Word  

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Table of Contents

Word Explanation
__NOTOC__ Hides ToC on the current page.
__FORCETOC__ Forces the table of contents to appear.
__TOC__ Places a ToC here (overriding any __NOTOC__).


Word Example Explanation
{{CURRENTDAY}} 6 Displays the current day in numeric form.
{{CURRENTDAYNAME}} Monday Displays the current day in named form.
{{CURRENTDOW}} 1 Ditto as number (0=Sunday, 1=Monday...).
{{CURRENTMONTH}} 12 The number 01 .. 12 of the current month.
{{CURRENTMONTHABBREV}} Dec [MW1.5+] Ditto abbreviated Jan .. Dec.
{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} December Ditto in named form January .. December.
{{CURRENTTIME}} 12:11 The current time of day (00:00 .. 23:59).
{{CURRENTWEEK}} 49 Number of the current week (1-53) according to ISO 8601 with no leading zero.
{{CURRENTYEAR}} 2021 Returns the current year.

Page names, locations, and URLs

Word Example Explanation
{{PAGENAME}} Magic Words Returns the name of the current page, including all levels (Title/Subtitle/Sub-subtitle).
Returns the name of the namespace the current page resides in.
Help:Magic Words
[MW1.6+] Shorthands for NAMESPACE+PAGENAME
{{SERVER}} https://wiki.esipfed.org Value of $wgServer
{{FULLURL:x y}}
{{FULLURLE:x y}}
[MW1.5+] Returns the full URL of a given page.