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Quick ''tutorial'' for the ESIP wiki with practice area:
*[[EsipWikiTutorial|Wiki Tutorial]]
*[[Template:Edithelp| How to add a comment]]
Some thoughts on a set of conventions we might adopt for the ESIP wiki :
We are using the wiki engine developed for the WikiPedia.  For more detailed editing help see:
Other Help Pages:
* [[Help:Make New Page | Make New Page]]
* [[Help:Editing Basics| How to Begin Editing]]
* [[Help:Wiki Mark-up| Wiki Text Reference]]
* [[Help:Renaming/Moving Pages| Rename and Move Pages]]
* [[Help:Reverting Pages| Reverting pages to a previous version]]
For overall MediaWiki administration, please see the [http://meta.wikipedia.org/wiki/MediaWiki_User%27s_Guide User's Guide] for usage and configuration help.

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