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Main ESIP page

Procedures to Enact Policy and Procedure Changes

See Policy and Procedure 1.4 - ESIP Policy Approval, Amendments, Administration and Compliance

Supplemental Policies and Procedures

Committees, Working Groups or Clusters may need to defined policies and procedures that are not appropriate or do not warrant modification of the ESIP Policies and Procedures or Bylaws. These extra guidance points can be defined in groups' Policies and Procedures. Here is a list of existing P&P documents for various ESIP groups.

List of Policies and Procedures for ESIP groups

Restructuring of Bylaws and Policies and Procedures

In 2017, a new version of ESIP's Policies and Procedures was created. The Constitution and Bylaws Committee was renamed to the Governance Committee.

Defining Documents

Policies and Procedures approved October 2017
Bylaws approved December 2016

Governance Committee Members


Denise Hills
Bob Downs
Ben Galewsky
Bill Teng


Mike Daniels
Bob Downs
Christopher Lenhardt
James Gibeaut


Mike Daniels
Bob Downs
James Frew
Ana Privette

Constitution and Bylaws Committee Members


Ken Keiser
Denise Hills
Brian Wee
Liping Di


Ken Keiser
Mike Daniels
Denise Hills
Ana Privette


Bruce Caron
Kerstin Lehnert
Denise Hills
Chris Lenhardt


Tamara Shapiro Ledley, Chair
David Meyer, Type 1 Rep
Michael Daniels, Type II Rep
Liping Di, Type III Rep

Legacy Materials

Discussion of 2016 possible bylaw changes Prior Year ByLaw Proposed Changes

Federation Constitution
Federation Bylaws
Other Federation Documents
ESIP Policies and Procedures Documents
Robert's Rules Cheat Sheet
Nov 2011 Changes
Jan 2011 Changes
Jan 2012 Changes
Jan 2015 Changes: quorum and membership lapsing
Jan 2016 Changes
February 19, 2015
October 2, 2015
June 4, 2015
January 2014

Calls for Nominations and Ballot

2016 Nominations and Ballot
2015 Nominations and Ballot
2014 Nominations and Ballot
2013 Nominations and Ballot
2012 Nominations and Ballot
2011 Nominations and Ballot Supplemental
2010 Nominations and Ballot
2009 Nominations and Ballot
2007 Nominations and Ballot
October 2006 Constitution and Bylaws Vote