Geospatial Cluster Telecon 13Feb12

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February 13, 2012 Telecon[edit | edit source]



  • Introduction
  • Telecon Topic:
    • Review/outcome of ESRI Scientific Data Workshop (FEB 7-8 in Redlands, CA)
      • gathering of HDF, CF, NetCDF experts and Remote Sensing stakeholders
      • Sneha Rao (NASA/SEDAC), Wenli Yang (GMU/NASA GES DISC), Paul Ramirez (NASA JPL)
    • Regional Climate Model Evaluation System and collaboration with the University of Cape Town
      • Cameron Goodale (NASA JPL)
  • Goal setting (next 6 mos)
    • Topic ideas for breakout sessions
      • Use-cases/demos
      • Invited speakers
  • Progress report on building best practices resource
  • Progress report on identifying reps to build an SME reference
  • Summer Meeting planning in Madison, WI (July 2012)
    • Ideas?
  • Conclusion and schedule for next telecon (March 2012)
    • Monday, March 12