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==Get Involved==
==Get Involved==
* Next telecon: Initial telecon planned for late January
* Initial telecon planned for late January
Planned agenda
Planned agenda
* Introduction
* Introduction

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The Geospatial Cluster


  • Address Deficiencies in GIS for Remote Sensing Data
  • Formats and Standards (HDF, NetCDF, etc)
  • Open source (tools, etc)
  • Interfaces/Connectivity (such as OPeNDAP, WCS, WMS)
  • Development of Use Cases
  • Special topic speakers/presentations

Winter Meeting Sessions

  • Wed Jan 4, 2-3:30pm "Applying GIS for Integrated Discovery, Access, and Analysis"
  • Wed Jan 4, 4-5:30pm "GeoPortal Server: Open Source Software for Data Discovery and More"

Get Involved

  • Initial telecon planned for late January

Planned agenda

  • Introduction
  • Invitation to active membership and participation/contribution
  • Goal setting - what do we want to focus on over the next 6 mos?
    • Topic ideas for breakout sessions
      • Use-cases/demos
      • Invited speakers
      • Best practices
  • Identify reps to build an SME reference
    • Various formats
    • OPeNDAP
    • Open Source
    • etc.
  • Start thinking about the Summer Meeting in Madison, WI (July 2012)
    • Half-day or full-day agenda? How many breakout sessions? Ideas?
  • Conclusion and schedule for next telecon (February 2012)
    • When is the best time regular monthly telecons(what day of week/time)?

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