GEO AQ Community of Practice: Role, Mission, Objectives

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The GEO AQ CoP seeks to promote GEOSS and air quality activities that are relevant to GEOSS. Described here are some of the activities and functions that the CoP intends to take in the near future.

This document is written in response to a need to define the goals over the next months. However, it is important that we emphasize that the most important role of the CoP is to make connections, so I have emphasized that here...

Ongoing Role

The most important role of the AQ CoP is to serve as a forum for communication and collaboration among the air quality projects and efforts relevant to GEOSS. These include initiatives mentioned in the GEO Work Plan, and a larger set of projects relevant to Work Plan Tasks, but not referenced there.

The group will also identify and document work needed for GEOSS and similar endeavors...

The CoP will meet regularly via remote access, and occasionally in person (typically at larger meetings, where many participants will be present). These meetings will serve as an opportunity to learn about the activities of colleagues and find opportunities to collaborate, and an opportunity to discuss work the group will tackle (as a group).

The CoP will serve as a visible point-of-entry for members of the air quality community interested in finding ways to participate in GEOSS, and find out what GEOSS and can do for their work. Conversely, the CoP will serve GEO by providing information about what the air quality community needs from GEOSS.

The CoP will also provide GEO with feedback on Air Quality Tasks in the GEO Work Plan. The CoP will review whether the plan reflects the relevant activities underway, and particularly whether Tasks have participation from those relevant tasks.

Possible Work for the Group Over the Next 6 months (?)

The AQ CoP is an appropriate group to take on some of broad tasks of defining needs, documenting best practices, and defining conventions to make GEOSS work. We listed some possible tasks at ESIP Summer Meeting. Of those, these are the broad tasks, directly relevant to GEOSS AQ functionality:

The AQ CoP will seek input from the wider community on these initiatives.