GEOSS Relevant AQ Projects

From Federation of Earth Science Information Partners

MACC / Monitoring Atmospheric Composition and Climate

MACC is a recently-initiated collaborative effort, funded by the European Commission, to monitor global distribution and long-range transport of long-lived greenhouse gases, aerosol, and reactive pollutants which degrade air quality. MACC's product lines include data records on atmospheric composition for recent years, and current data for monitoring present conditions and forecasting the distribution of key constituents for a few days ahead. (MACC is a continuation of the GEMS and PROMOTE programs under GMES, see links.)


AIRNow is the home of the US effort for informing the public about air quality conditions and forecasts. AIRNow-International is US EPA's program to improve AQ public information internationally. AIRNow-International is starting with a pilot partnership with Shanghai, China, where a new software package will be debuted this fall. This software, which the US program will also soon implement, is designed to make AIRNow compatible with GEOSS and other emerging AQ standards. The overall goal is to support a broad international framework of air quality public information which will support our understanding of air quality and increase demand for air quality improvements.