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NASA Earth-Sun Science System Components
Framework Architecture

Introduction and description

Information taken from on 2005-08-03

Earth-Sun Observation Sources

Space Observation Systems

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Sub-Orbital Campaigns

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Ground-Based Networks

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Physical Parameters

Atmosphere Heliophysical

Aerosol Properties Atmospheric Pressure Atmospheric Properties in Tropopause Region Atmospheric Temperature Atmospheric Water Vapor Cloud Particle Properties and Distribution Cloud System Structure CO2 and Methane Global Precipitation Lightning Rate Ozone Vertical Profile Storm Cell Properties Stratospheric Aerosol Distribution Surface Trace Gas Concentration Total Aerosol Amount Total Column Ozone Trace Gas Sources Tropospheric Ozone and Precursors Tropospheric Winds Volcanic Gas & Ash Emissions


Deep Ocean Circulation Marine Primary Productivity / Productivity in Coastal Regions Ocean Surface Current Ocean Surface Topography Ocean Surface Winds Sea Surface Salinity SeaWinds: Wind Speed and Direction Sea Surface Temperature


Biomass Coastal Region Properties and Productivity Fire Occurrences and Extent Fuel Quality & Quantity Growing Season Length in High Latitudes Land Cover / Land Use Inventories Land Surface Topography Motions of the Earth's Interior River Stage Height / Discharge Rate Soil Moisture Surface Stress and Deformation Terrestrial Primary Productivity Land Surface Temperature


Freeze-Thaw Transition Ice Surface Topography Polar Ice Sheet Velocity Sea Ice Extent MOD29: Sea Ice Cover and Ice Surface Temperature SeaWinds: Polar Sea Ice Grids Sea Ice Thickness Snow Cover & Accumulation MOD10: Snow Cover

Solar Radiation

Earth Radiation Budget MOD18: Normalized Water-Leaving Radiance Solar UV Irradiance TOMS: Erythemal UV Exposure Total Solar Irradiance


Earth Gravity Field Earth Magnetic Field Earth Surface Composition & Chemistry Terrestrial Reference Frame Carbon Sources and Sinks

Models & Analysis Systems

Earth System Modeling

NASA-Led (These are very detailed with extensive inputs and outputs, etc.) Atmosphere Model GMAO Atmosphere Land Surface Modeling System GSFC LIS Atmospheric Analysis GMAO Atmospheric Analysis Ocean Data Assimilation System GMAO Ocean Analysis Partner-Led Global Ocean Circulation Model LANL POP Ocean Hybrid Global Circulation Model LANL HYPOP Atmospheric Science and Climate Research GFDL B-grid Atmosphere Weather and Seasonal NCEP Analysis Energy, Water, Carbon Fluxes CLM Global Atmosphere Model NCAR CAM Ocean State Estimation ECCO OSE Oceanographic and Climate Research GFDL HIM Ocean Ocean Circulation Model GFDL MOM4 Ocean Weather and Seasonal Predictions NCEP Atmosphere Ocean Model GMAO Ocean Sea Ice Model LANL CICE Ocean Fluid Model MITgcm Ocean Atmosphere Fluid Model MITgcm Atmosphere Finite Difference Global Atmosphere UCLA AGCM Weather Research and Forecast Model WRF

Supporting National Apps


Model Outputs/Predictions

Natural Hazards Predictions

Hurricanes and Typhoons Severe Local Storms Winter Snow Storms Floods Droughts Earthquakes Volcanic Eruptions Probability of Extreme Weather Events

Weather Predictions

10 Day Weather Forecasts 30-90 Day Weather Forecasts

Climate Predictions

Local & Global Long-Range Prediction of Pollutants Atmospheric Chemistry Change Assessment Chemistry-Climate Change 12 Month Global Seasonal Precipitation Forecast Global Ocean State Seasonal Forecasts Global Atmosphere State Seasonal Forecasts Seasonal Forecasts 12 Month Global Seasonal Surface Temperature Forecast 12 Month Forecast of Global/Regional Seasonal Soil Moisture Long Term Climate Projections

Interdisciplinary Predictions

Land Cover / Land Use Projections Ecological Forecast CO2 & CH4 Atmospheric Concentration Projections Soil Moisture Change Projections Evaportranspiration Change Projections Geodynamo Runoff Change Projections

Decision Support Tools

Management Tools

Agricultural Efficiency Production Estimates and Crop Assessment Division/Crop Assessment Data Retrieval and Evaluation (96K) Air Quality Community Multiscale Air Quality Modeling System (96K) AIRNow Aviation National Air Space-Aviation Weather Research Program (102K) Carbon Management Carbon Query and Evaluation Support Tools (97K) Coastal Management Harmful Algal Bloom Mapping System and Bulletin (97K) Coral Reef Early Warning System General NOAA Oil Modeling Environment(96K) Ecological Forecasting Regional Visualization & Monitoring System (95K) Energy Management Renewable Energy Technologies Screen (101K) Disaster Management HAZUS Risk Prediction (97K) Advanced Weather Interactive Warning System Homeland Security Integrated Operations Facility (200K) Invasive Species Invasive Species Forecasting System (97K) Public Health Plague Surveillance System (110K) Environmental Public Health Tracking Network (98K) Malaria Modeling and Surveillance (92K) Rapid Syndrome Validation Project (92K) Water Management RiverWare (92K) Agricultural Water Resources And Decision Support (92K) Better Assessment Science Integrating Point and Nonpoint Source (96K) Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service

Policy Tools

Energy / Climate Mini Climate Assessment Model Process Global Climate Assessment Model Air Quality Community Multiscale Air Quality Modeling System Sea Level Rise / Coastal Inundation Water Quantity National Energy Modeling System (NEMS)