Frameworks for Data Visualization

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SubmitterName Kevin Ward and Charles Thompson
Meeting Summer 2012
SessionType workshop"workshop" is not in the list (Workshop, Breakout Session, Business meeting) of allowed values for the "SessionType" property.
Title Frameworks for Data Visualization
Abstract Many frameworks have been developed to support science data visualization. These frameworks can be integrated or modular and very often involve massaging the underlying source science data (via a set of specialized procedural steps) into a generalized derivative form (images, grids, tiles) facilitating the visualization process.
  • What are some examples of frameworks that exist within the ESIP community?
  • What sorts of data products are utilized within these frameworks?
  • What are some problems that are addressed with these frameworks?
  • How can these frameworks be expanded/adapted to other science datasets?
  • What are the processing considerations when generating derivative products?
  • How do these considerations reflect the intended audience and infrastructure?

The purpose of this session will be to conduct some show and tell of existing frameworks, learn about how and why certain decisions were made, and attempt to develop a road map or best practices guide for future investigators.

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