Federation Strategic Plan

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Strategic Plan 2004-2007

Full document as Adopted by the ESIP Federation Assembly August 17,2004:

Strategic Plan 2004-2007

The following sections are excerpts:

Federation Vision

To enhance our environmental stewardship, economic opportunities, and quality of life through the informed application of reliable Earth science information.

Federation Mission

To establish and refine processes rooted in science and to increase the quality and value of Earth science products and services for the benefit of science and society.

Goals and Strategies

GOAL 1: Be the primary facilitator, coordinating body and advisor to promote the use of Earth science data and information.
GOAL 2: Promote the efficient integration and flow of Earth science data from collection and analysis to end-use.
GOAL 3: Improve the quality and usability of Earth science data and information systems.
GOAL 4: Increase the use of Earth science data and information.
GOAL 5: Expand public awareness about the importance and value of Earth science and Earth science information systems.
GOAL 6: Target new members selectively and encourage active involvement and retention of current members.
GOAL 7: Solidify a stable funding base for the Federation and the Earth science data management and information community.