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FUNding Frida is an annual mini-competition established in 2008 at the Summer Meeting in Durham, NH. Several $5,000 awards are given to members to fund small projects that are inspired by ESIP collaboration or participation. In 2009 at the Summer Meeting in Santa Barbara, CA, the federation created a student competition with awards of $3000

This competition serves several purposes:

  • promotes and rewards new collaborations or bridges between ESIP projects and technologies, so that novel outcomes can be explored.
  • fosters small-scale projects of real value by supporting programmer salary, travel—whatever is needed to realize the proposed work.
  • showcases how the ESIP Federation can leverage current technologies and member skills to add new services with a modest amount of effort(and funding).
  • rewards members who are looking to explore new collaborations and new ideas inspired by other Federation member activities.

2008 Winners

WMS/KML Interoperability Development
Earth Exploration Toolbook Chapter on Air Quality

2009 Winners

Member Winners
World Ocean Atlas Upgrade
Stay Connected

Student Winners
PanOpt project

2010 Winners

Member Winners

Student Winners

Other ESIP-inspired projects:
CheapStix: Distributing and Running OPeNDAP servers on a Virtual Machine
1-Click Satellite Data: A Java applet that let's you display current satellite data anywhere in the world with one simple mouse click.