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Subgroup Members:

  • Chris Lenhardt
  • Stefan Falke

Issues to Be Addressed:

  • Interfacing with other organizations – national & international (AGU, EGY, GEO, CEOS, ISRSE, others?) – how do we support our efforts in this? ESIP ambassadors; distinctions between wearing multiple hats; collaborations
  • Map relationships across organizations; what’s the landscape (concept map development tool)
  • Training for and Engagement of Next Generation of Data Managers – academic discipline; stewardship


  • Should we interface? Yes! The listed group represents a good start. But, these should not be the universe - where are the smaller, lesser known organizations (e.g. less formally structured groups like the EPA Data Summit; domain experts)

  • How to handle overlap among different groups? Connections are important to make & are being loosely made. CEOS wanted to make connections to Sensor Web and GEO. CEOS formed an Atmospheric Science Interest Group to make connections among/between groups.

  • GEOSS Air Quality Community of Practice - is the ESIP Federation limited as a domestic organization? or can we/should we play internationally?

  • ESSI focus groups at AGU, EGU

  • ESIP is uniquely positioned at intersection of science and technology

  • Should Data Management be its own academic discipline?

  • Integration of data management principles across academic disciplines is probably the way to go (e.g. like GIS)

  • How should data managers think? how does this relate to collaboration? need to look at the reward mechanisms for creating data sets

  • Should ESIP provide continuing education/professional development to data managers? (e.g. look at UCGIS [1]


  • Test waters with other organizations - international and domestic
    • Need to Identify/Map Organizations Where ESIP Partners are Active - Social Networking Software/concept mapping tool
  • Explore what the ESIP Federation might do to train/provide continuing education to data managers.