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This is a wiki workspace for GEOSS Web Services (GWS) Demonstration:

Sahara Dust and Ocean Productivity Over the Mediterranean[edit | edit source]

The demonstration uses interoperable OGC standard (WCS, WMS) services to access data from distributed providers. Data processing, filtering and fusion services are integrated by SOAP-based workflow engine(s). The demo is part of the Barcelona Workshop workshop addresses challenges of advanced GEOSS information system implementation with sample applications under the theme: Biodiversity in the Mediterranean Region.

Barcelona Demo Participants - See more...[edit | edit source]

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What's New
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[edit | edit source]

  1. 07-05-10 GWS Telecon
  2. 07-05-15 Scenario selection, Dataset Identification
  3. 07-05-24 GWS Telecon
  4. 07-06-13 GWS Telecon
  5. 07-06-15 Service Workflow Testing
  6. 07-07-06 GWS Telecon, Slides distributed
  7. 07-07-20 Scenario Recorded and Tested
  8. 07-07-21 On-site Demo Test
  9. 07-07-22 Demo Barcelona GEOSS

Demo Outline
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<DPL> debug=1 title=2007-07-22_GEOSS_System_and_Interoperability_Demo category = Datasets category= DevEvents notcategory = Composite namespace = shownamespace = False mode = none order = descending count = 6 ordermethod=title redirects=exclude addfirstcategorydate=False </DPL> See Discussion

Demo Discussion[edit | edit source]

Demo Datasets
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Barcelona Links[edit | edit source]

Barcelona Demo Participants GEOSS Workshop


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