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This is a wiki workspace for GEOSS Web Services (GWS) Demonstration:

Sahara Dust and Ocean Productivity Over the Mediterranean

The demonstration uses interoperable OGC standard (WCS, WMS) services to access data from distributed providers. Data processing, filtering and fusion services are integrated by SOAP-based workflow engine(s). The demo is part of the Barcelona Workshop workshop addresses challenges of advanced GEOSS information system implementation with sample applications under the theme: Biodiversity in the Mediterranean Region.

Barcelona Demo Participants - See more...

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What's New


  1. 07-05-10 GWS Telecon
  2. 07-05-15 Scenario selection, Dataset Identification
  3. 07-05-24 GWS Telecon
  4. 07-06-13 GWS Telecon
  5. 07-06-15 Service Workflow Testing
  6. 07-07-06 GWS Telecon, Slides distributed
  7. 07-07-20 Scenario Recorded and Tested
  8. 07-07-21 On-site Demo Test
  9. 07-07-22 Demo Barcelona GEOSS

Demo Outline

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Demo Discussion

Demo Datasets

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Barcelona Demo Participants GEOSS Workshop


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