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* 2007-11-08: [[ExceptionalEventList|Analysed Exceptional Events]]   
* 2007-11-08: [[ExceptionalEventList|Analysed Exceptional Events]]   
* '''2007-10-22:''' [[071022SoCalSmoke|'''Southern California Wildfires''']]
* '''2007-10-22:''' [[071022SoCalSmoke|'''Southern California Wildfires''']]
* 2007-10-11: Telecon: Wiki | People | Issues | Events | Resources     
* 2007-10-11: EE Wiki Up, Telecon| [[EE_Events_for_EPA_Region| Events by Region]]  |  [[Exceptional_Event_Analyses| Illustrative Analyses]]   
* 2007-10-08: [[EE_Events_for_EPA_Region| Event List by Region]]  |  [[Exceptional_Event_Analyses| Illustrative Analyses]]  
* 2007-09-25: Exceptional Event ESIP wiki space established    
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Exceptional Event: An air quality exceedance that would not have occured but for the presence of a natural/nonrecurring event.

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This is a community workspace for illustrative analyses of smoke, dust and other unusual events
Contributions are welcome of observations, models, tools, methods, analyses and discussions
Ideas on wiki contents and layout will be most appreciated!!


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Agricultural Smoke Emissions DevRoy: CMAQ evaluation Vecchi: Fireworks

Air Pollution Event Websites

U. Maryland: US Air Quality Smog Blog | NASA Earth Observatory: Dust, Fire | NOAA Significant Events: Dust, Fires | Texas CEQ: Air Pollutions Events | Wash.U. DataFed: AQ Events, Data, Tools, Analyses

This open community wiki space has been established and is managed by Rudolf Husar, who is working as an EPA contractor. Any information presented on this website or any contribution by EPA personnel to the discussion on this website should not be construed as representing the Agency's position on these issues.

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