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ESIP Federation Executive Committee, September 13, 2012
Participants: Chris Lenhardt, Curt Tilmes, Carol Meyer, Erin Robinson, Karl Benedict, Patricia Huff, Annette Schloss, Ken Keiser, Stefan Falke

  1. Approval of August Minutes did not occur b/c there wasn't a quorum
  2. Excom Business
    • FY 13 Committee Budget Requests- Request that groups have budgets by Sept. 15. FiCom will meet end of Sept, so there is a bit of flexibility.
    • Discussion on USGCRP engagement (NCANet) - Is it appropriate for ESIP to sign-on as a participant acting as a conduit to facilitate information needs? Would it be appropriate for NCANet to join the Federation?
      • Formalize relationship with Curt's role developing data system to tap ESIP expertise to assist his day job.
      • Accumulate and disseminate NCANet Work through the wiki or esip-all mailing list.
      • precedent for ESIP joining another org? May make more sense to reverse. ESIP signed on to the electronic geophysical year. May feel a little odd, but could be good of the order - openness, cross-domain.
      • Federation benefit for engaging NCANet would increase ESIP input into the NCANet process. USGCRP will be invited to ESIP Federation meeting. Winter Meeting falls in open comment period for draft assessment
      • At next meeting will have action to vote up/down
    • Awards subgroup Update - Chair is VP. committee - 5 person- would send top 3 plus reasons to chair. If consensus then done. If differences, chair would call telecom. Chair can break tie. If it is a mess then goes back to ExCom.
      • Improve actual call - biggest changes that award open to non-esip member org. Suggest connection to ESIP? preference based on contribution to ESIP? demonstrated connection? Add to evaluation criteria. Award's intent is to recognize those that have contributed to the ESIP Federation. (see language from Carol's draft) Address following:
        • The nature of the leadership role that the nominee has taken within the Earth Science information community.
        • Characteristics that demonstrate the nominee's dedication to the principles of Earth Science information access and sharing.
        • How the nominee exemplifies the collaborative spirit of the Federation.
      • Group Concerned about rubric and if life-time or longterm achievement was reflected.
      • Come back to models of membership
  3. Committee Reports
    • Partnership - Reviewing applications and then partnership will meet.
    • Products and Services - testbed.esipfed.org stood up with drupal 7. also group decided to take new projects ad hoc
  4. Other Business
    • Defining Commons mission and vision - Fri

ESIP Federation Executive Committee, August 9, 2012

Participants: Karl Benedict, Steve Berrick, Stefan Falke, Ken Keiser, Chris Lenhardt, Carol Meyer, Curt Tilmes, Erin Robinson, Annette Schloss, Brian Wilson, John Scialdone, Becky Reid, Sayeed Choudhury

Meeting called to order at 2:03 by Karl Benedict

  1. Approval of June minutes- Brian Wilson made a motion to adopt the minutes as drafted. The motion was seconded by Steve Berrick. Without discussion, the minutes were approved by acclamation.
  2. Excom Business
    • Summer Meeting Wrap Up
      • Thanks to all who participated and contributed to the ESIP Summer Meeting. There were just over 200 attendees at the meeting and 30 virtual participants.The (Meeting Evaluation Summary) is available for review. 90 people responded to the survey and overall the feedback was very positive. The AV in Madison was the best we'd had. We still had a few comments on the technology as we continued to push the ESIP meeting to virtual participants. We solicited feedback on the ESIP Commons. It was well-received, there is a large group interested in continuing to beta test and many comments on issues around using it as well. Finally there was a long list of potential locations, but many wanted to come back to Madison. There was also a long list of suggested themes.
      • Regarding technology and virtual participants, Becky suggested having a third person in the room dedicated to moderating the online portion of the meeting. Karl added to this that having that person wear headphones may help with audio awareness for virtual participants. A request was made to the group that if you know of good virtual meeting best practices, let Erin know.
      • A few other meeting comments - many enjoyed the Innovators Among Us session. Teachers enjoyed this because if it got too technical in one talk, it was over quickly. The group also talked about how to continue to fully incorporate teachers into the meeting. The group had lots of good ideas and it was suggested to continue the discussion to the Visioneers group.
    • Future Summer Meeting Cycles (2013-2016) - We have been moving the meeting across the country in an East, Midwest, West. The group decided to divide the country into 4 sections: East, upper midwest, lower midwest and west. For Summer 2013 it is time to move east. Carol is in discussion with RPI in Troy, NY and will report back at the next meeting the status.
    • FY 13 Committee Budget Requests - Carol will send out the budget request information and examples and will be accepting budget requests through Sept. 15. As a note, budgets cannot support labor, but can support product deliverables.
    • Discussion on USGCRP pitch (NCANet) - Missed this point on the agenda and will cover in September
    • State of the Art Documents - A request was made to all committee chairs to review their content on the wiki for potential state of art contributions. State of Art documents can be added to the Commons directly using the state of art content type.
    • Commons Governance Update (Session Notes) - At the Summer Meeting there was a productive session on Commons governance. A doodle poll has been sent to the list in the room for a follow-up telecon to establish licensing, editorial board and types of content for the Commons.
    • Awards subgroup Update - After the outstanding pool of candidates for the Martha Maiden award and the addition of two more awards last year, it became clear that ESIP needed standard review criteria for the awards. The suggested review is that the 4 members of the award committee rank applications 1,2,3...and submit privately to the chair with their reasons. The chair would collate the responses and if clear winner established, process would end there. It is not mandatory to have consensus, but dissents would be recorded. ExCom still felt like requirements were needed. Annette took the action to gather feedback on review criteria and will report back to Excom next month.
  3. Committee Reports
    • C&B - Chris Lenhardt reported that C&B had a productive breakfast meeting at the Summer Meeting. Membership levels was discussed, but not yet ready to bring specific recommendations to ExCom.
    • P&S - Ken Keiser shared that the Testbed portal is being migrated to Drupal 7 and will be integrated into the ESIP drupal sites with a single login. The Summer meeting brought lots of interest in new Testbed projects and also discussion about the expansion of ESIP services.
    • Partnership - John Scialdone reported that we have 5 applications that have been submitted online since the last membership vote.
    • Education - Becky shared with the group that the ipad project Margaret Mooney spearheaded was a big hit with the teachers. Margaret wrote an extension to a NASA grant she already had in place to buy 30 ipads that would be loaned to the NOAA Teacher Workshop attendees for a year. The teachers shared ipad apps with each other and are collecting them into an app library. If anyone on ExCom has Earth science app recommendations, please send to Becky.
  4. Other Business - no other business.

Annette Schloss made a motion to adjourn the meeting with a second by Chris Lenhardt. The meeting adjourned at 3:04.