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August Excom Call - 2014-08-12, 3 ET


Bruce Caron, Ruth Duerr, Sara Graves, Roberta Johnson, Ken Keiser, Emily Law, Margaret Mooney, Tyler Stevens, Bill Teng, Curt Tilmes, Christine White, Chuck Hutchinson, Erin Robinson


  1. Approval of May & June Minutes
    Roberta Johnson motioned to accept the minutes as presented and Bill Teng seconded the motion. The minutes for May and June were approved by acclamation.
  2. President's Report - email from Peter Fox
    From email to Erin: Erin will cover details of the summer meeting but I want to express my appreciation to the executive committee for their presence at the meeting itself, ESIP 101, and the State of the Federation sessions. I was very pleased to see the level of attendance at the meeting and these sessions. We've received very good feedback on both ESIP 101 and State of the Federation (see the agenda page for our move to a template we'd like feedback on so all groups in ESIP can keep them updated, i.e. "versioned". This will enable me to assemble a current view of the federation when needed. Thanks to Emily and Erin for advancing the strategic planning. Executive director search - we have a few applicants but the committee has not begun review. I expect that to begin in the next week or so. There was a delay in the EOS advertisement
  3. Staff Report - Erin Robinson
    The Summer Meeting survey was completed by 169 people. The feedback was generally positive on all aspects of the meeting. There were a few complaints on the sound quality for remote participants and altitude adjustments for the in-person participants.
  4. Committee Reports
    • Strategic Plan - Emily Law requested broader input to the draft strategic plan from the Executive Committee. She will organize a telecon with this sub-group just to focus on the strategic plan.
    • C&B - Bruce Caron reported that the the ESIP Assembly is currently voting on the Nomination Committee bylaw addition. C&B is happy with recommendations on quorum and membership. There was no discussion on this. These recommendations will go for 30 days of review and be shared in an upcoming Monday Update.
    • Data Stewardship - Ruth Duerr reported that the ESIP Assembly is currently voting on whether to collectively sign on to Force11 or not. The Summer Meeting was very productive for the Data Stewardship group. In addition to the ongoing work, three new areas were suggested - Data Stewardship Maturity Matrix, PCCS and PROV-ES ([ Ruth also reported that the all activities]). Ruth also reported that the Workshop Report: Planning for a Community Study of Scientific Data Infrastructure released on Monday.
    • Education - Roberta Johnson reported that the Education committee's NSTA workshop proposal has been accepted.
    • Finance
      • Funding criteria Approval - Christine White motioned to accept the Special Project proposal as presented and Ruth Duerr seconded the motion. The Special Project proposal was approved by acclamation.
      • Budgets for FY15 - Bill Teng reported that there had been outreach to committees and workgroups eligible to submit budgets. Budgets should be submitted in September for review for FY15.
    • Partnership - Tyler Stevens reported that the new member applications would close in mid-September. The Partnership committee will review by the end of September and post for 30-day review in October.
    • Products and Services - Christine White reported that FUNding Friday at the ESIP Summer Meeting was a huge success. The Thursday happy hour FUNding Friday event was well attended. There were 7 funded projects - 5 Student and 2 Full projects.
    • IT & I - Erin reported that the IT&I Committee supported a successful workshop on Agile development at the Summer Meeting. The group took July and August off. They will restart in September with a rant/rave on citizen science.
    • Type Rep Reports - No type reports.
  5. Other Business - No other business

The meeting adjourned at 3:54 ET.