EnviroSensing Cluster

From Federation of Earth Science Information Partners
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Welcome to the Environmental Sensing Cluster.

Working Group Scope

Our working group is centered on developing and promoting best practices for environmental sensor networks and sensor data management.

We are a community of science-driven practitioners that work across the domains of terrestrial in-situ observation, long term monitoring, QA and QC, sensor engineering, field deployment/design, data networking, edge computing, power systems, and software infrastructure.

We collaborate with (but do not focus on) practices around remotely sensed data (satellite imagery, drone surveys, aerial photography, etc.).

Get Involved

Our monthly Zoom calls are attended by various cluster members and contributors, representing the community across NSF-LTER, USGS, EPA, NEON, CZO, NASA, as well as academic scientists, private industry, and NGO's. We feature a combination of guest speakers, group discussion, and working sessions. All are welcome to attend!

We also host sessions at annual ESIP meetings, AGU, and more - so watch for opportunities to attend or submit an abstract.

Best Practices Document

Cluster Resources