Emerging Provenance and Context Content Standard

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Data Preservation and Stewardship Cluster

General Info

  • What: ESIP 2012 Winter meeting, Emerging Provenance and Context Content Standard Session.
  • When: Thursday, January 5, 2012 at 4:00pm-5:30pm. Track 4.
  • Where: Renaissance Washington, DC Dupont Circle Hotel, Room: DUPONT
  • Description: Discussion of the state and location of current PCCS efforts and the origins of the various components of the PCCS system currently under formulation. Also discussed needs and further areas for improvement and development.
  • Session Lead(s): H.K. Rama Ramapriyan and John Moses
  • ESIP Collaboration Areas: Data Preservation and Stewardship Cluster


Powerpoint slides from presentation can be found here:


  • Status update on PCCS
  • Baseline the requirements/standards for PCCS

John Moses

  • Two topics from summer meeting:

1) What is the relationship between this work with PCCS and what is already out there

  • There 4 areas/standards already out there that relate to PCCS efforts.
    • Metadata-interoperability in data set search and access
    • Service Web Enablement-sensorML, WCS, WFS, WMS...
    • Consultive Committee on Space Data Systems
    • Library and Publishing Applications
  • Lots of discussion about standards, like ISO’s and others that could be included

The PCCS is more for defining what is needed for the longterm/climate record planning, not that momentary science needs of a user. Various parts of the PCCS matrix apply to different levels of data. Certain users will only be interested in some of the items.

2) Use Cases

  • The use cases illustrate the need for each component of the PCCS. The list in the matrix isn’t comprehensive.
  • What are thing ESIP things that should be moved forward with PCCS, vs. Agnecy, etc. issues.
  • At what point is this going to become a baseline? That would mean some stability to the document.