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Attendees: Shelley Olds, Pat Reiff, Johanna Bozuwa, Bruce Caron, Margaret Mooney, Carla, Kalo Haslem

Congrats Pat!

Out 2 Lunch

  • ESRI has been solidified
  • Citizen Science Bat Monitoring - December potentially
  • If anyone has additional ideas, please contact Margaret
  • Action: Carla to connect with Margaret if there is one that might work
  • Action: Shelley to talk with National Drought Monitor HQ to see if they could give a talk (in light of recent disasters)

Coding Initiative

  • Came out of the summer workshop, near and dear to ESIP’s heart
  • Next summer’s conference: part of the workshop would be for teaching coding skills
  • One of the teachers won a FUNding Friday this summer around coding.
  • Next step: have a 90 minute education session at the winter meeting. Have a couple at the winter meeting to start the process to get ready for the summer.
  • Coding can look like a lot of different things. Could do formulas and macros to developing a whole application. There are some chapters that might work well from EET.
  • LuAnn may have some info on this since she helped write them.
  • Carla has taught all the chapters and would be a good resource. Sadly, EER overlaps with the summer meeting (16-20)
  • Pat - some spreadsheet
  • This is important, since very few students have the background in programs like excel
  • Kalo - OZO bots - computer programming robots. Solid black lines and dashed lines (a bit like morse code). Can work on an iPad screen. Students have been very interested. Another: plastic mouse. Meant for younger students (lower elementary). Teaches that coding is a series of steps leading into each other.
  • Shelley - visual & dataset.
  • Pocketlab -real time data and graphics. Someone had one with them at the Summer Meeting and was able to develop a lesson around it.
  • Action Item: Take a look at EET and other initiatives to see if there is a way for us to incorporate them. Explore what we want to be the learning outcomes. Report back next month.


  • We will hear by the end of the month on our proposed budget. Includes:
  • Learning to code (will include some professional development for some of the Education Committee & materials)
  • Workshops: Summer meeting, EER, Margaret at NSTA,
  • Development of a listing of education resources (we don’t need budget ourselves because will most likely be wrapped up into another part of the ESIP budget
  • Sidenote: EER & ESIP overlap - Thursday Friday are the important dates for EER. It is in the budget to provide a workshop at EER.

Call for Winter Meeting (Jan 9-11, 2018)

  • Action: Shelley to write up a quick draft to send around for input
  • Margaret can’t come this year, sadly. Overlap w/ AMS

Future Monthly Meetings

  • Wednesday or Thursday @ 3PM, would that work?
  • Thursday @ 3PM
  • Action: Shelley & Johanna to send out a doodle for changing the official time of the Education Committee meeting