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Telecon notes

Agenda Items for Tuesday, May 9, 2017 Attendees: Erin Robinson, Johanna Bozuwa, LuAnn Dahlman, Margaret Mooney, Shelley Olds, Dan Zalles

Earth Educator’s Rendezvous workshop planning 25 people signed up, as of last Friday Could have up to 40 participants - if it goes beyond 25, might be worth asking them to cover the costs of another instructor Only the 1st 20 will have the drone - people don’t know if they are in that 1st 20 Action Item: Shelley and LuAnn to talk to organizers to remind them to communicate on the registration page that the first 20 teachers ceiling has been reached!

Drone eBook: will be online at UCAR, via Randy Russell

  • Randy to get a contract to Erin by Friday (12 May)
  • If you have photos, please send
  • Action Item: Margaret to send to Randy pictures for her activity
  • Dual host the activities
  • Action Item: Shelley to translate this to a pdf so it can be downloaded all at once and be printed out for teachers
  • Goal for it to be finished by June (before both workshops)

ESIP Summer Meeting

  • Kalo got a new job, so now will move over towards more hands on activities - sensors?
  • Different sensors:
 * Sensor Type 1: Humidity, temp, gps (2 big, 1 small)
 * Sensor Type 2: camera
 * Sensor Type 3: TBD Action Item: Shelley & LuAnn identifying
  • Action Item: LuAnn & Shelley to revise the workshop afternoon agenda
  • Workshop is full! (quite a range geographically, community college teachers, previous workshop educators)
  • Send out a follow up email to Educators - reminder of expectations & what ESIP will provide (including the 200 dollar stipend -- hotel information and full travel not included)
  • Action Item: Margaret at least to email the Puerto Rico & people traveling great distances

Discussion of developing of a brief survey to ESIP members (ESIP-All, slack) to identify their top-level education resource page, type(s) of resources, target constituents, etc. The goal is to provide better visibility of the education and outreach our community offers rather than a 'library'

  • with detail of each resource.
  • Can we use the ESIP summer meeting as a way to gather this data
  • Poster with big arrow that says “please complete this survey to help us make our community better”
  • Collaboration Area Posters: doing in a bit of a different way. Digital and rotating on different screens around the registration area. Create a bitly link for a google form.
  • What are the 3 items of information we would want to collect?
 *What is this area/ resource good for?