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Education Committee Monthly Meeting Notes August 9, 2016 Attendees: LuAnn Dahlman, Dan Zalles, Johanna Bozuwa, Margaret Mooney, Pat, Shelley Olds, Robert Downs

Out To Lunch

  • Out to Lunch idea from Margaret - education initiative. ESIP lets members use the GoToMeeting service. 10 minute talks. Every Tuesday we could release another 10 minute video. It would be about using different data tools that educators would want to use.
  • Does it have to be secondary education? Maybe community colleges and four year - could be secondary through intro level.
  • Could have series of “vodcasts” for explanations. Directly after the presentation, a Q&A can be held for 20 minutes.
  • Pat: many of her students are already teachers. They have evening classes and have been using Zoom to create something similar.
  • Margaret: could potentially work on this after the winter break
  • Focus on the eBook in the Fall
  • Out to lunch session at the Winter Meeting where we can present the idea and invite collaborators. The first few could focus on using the eBook


  • Summer workshop should be included with stipends for teachers.
  • Any incentive for this year’s summer workshop teacher to keep them interested and give us feedback.
  • Could either have a teacher put in NSTA sessions next year and/or bring the teachers back together to have an event and share what they’ve learned (Spring 2017).
  • Action: LuAnn and Preston will work on the Request for Budget. All those who have additional requests for the budget please email LuAnn.
  • Travel and lodging for the vice chair for the Summer/Winter Lodging
  • Out To Lunch should be relatively low cost (maybe free), but it would be nice to get the main organizer a stipend for their work

Next Steps after Summer Meeting

  • Use the Open Science Framework that the Drone Cluster is using to create an interactive space to house our documents, etc.
  • Had two FUNding Friday winners
  • If we encourage teachers to add their activities for the eBook, we could give them a template and examples of finished products
  • Kalo (one of the teachers present, winner of the FUNding Friday)
  • Pat’s daughter may be interested in the graphic design for the eBook
  • Have to figure out how to get the activities effectively tested and get feedback

STEM Summit Denver

  • July 28th - Shelley presented on Drones in a 1 hour session.
  • She took the two webinars and shortened them down (can find them in the Google Drive)
  • Attendees included: Teachers, coordinators from across the country, some informal education representatives.
  • Connected with the attendees about drones in their schools, how they were using them, etc.
  • What standards were they trying to cover? Engineering and Design, using them as a platform to do science was novel.

Education Subgroups

  • Organizing Electronic Information (Leads: Shelley, LuAnn, Johanna, Dan) - organize electronic information and move over to Open Science Framework or other tools via ESIP.
  • Draft Ebook (Leads: Preston) - To share at the NSTA regional conferences.
  • Action: Should have a meeting in the next couple of weeks to move forward on these subgroups.