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Participants: Roberta Johnson, Carol Meyer, Patricia Reiff, Becky Reid, Tamara Ledley, Margaret Mooney, Bob Downs, Alan Gould

1. Summer Meeting Debrief

  • Teacher Workshop
14 teachers (of the registered 21 teachers) attended the July 2013 teacher workshop. Funding for the workshop was not available from NOAA. Roberta, Tamara, Bob, Roberta, LuAnn, Margaret and a local NASA person all presented. The iPads were redistributed to teachers. All but 1 iPad was returned from the previous cohort. In the future, workshops should have computer lab access so there can be hands-on learning activities. Bob Downs noted that feedback from teachers was very useful for developers at CIESIN. Planning for the 2014 workshop will begin in February. NOAA will be the initial target for funding.
  • Education Session
A small group gathered, with only 2-3 non-Education Committee members in attendance plus at least 5 online attendees. Dave Meyer and Bob Downs talked about how their existing resources might be used for the NGSS. Tamara Ledley talked about the Earth Exploration Toolbook as a model for future activities. What are the opportunities that ESIP might be able to exploit on the NGSS through its Education Committee. The NGSS outlines what the performance expectations are and they viewed as being the standard. Is the 'standard' enough, perhaps there needs to be some vocabulary harmonization to ensure that adequate learning is achieved. Tamara Ledley was disappointed in the session's attendance by non-education participants. In the future, Education sessions might need to hone in on a topic that offers mutual interest. Other possibilities might be to leverage other ESIP Federation activities and infuse them with educational comments and needs. Alan Gould added that education and data/science teams should have a natural connection at the project level, with embedded EPO team members.
  • Presentations at Museum
Pat Reiff utilized the immersive theater to showcase her Force 5 show. The technical dilemmas of formats led to some frustrating. Bob Downs, Margaret Mooney, Preston Lewis all gave education related presentations in the Daily Planet.

2. FY 2014 Committee Budget Requests - call for proposal

The Committee was asked to put forward ideas for what the Committee budget cover during the next year. Roberta requested that input from the Committee be provided by 2 weeks from now (9/17).

3. Climate Change Education Working Group

Tabled until Margaret Mooney & Tamara Ledley can be on the call.
Technology tools to enhance communication in your program/projects.

4. Other Business

Regarding attendance at future meetings, Alan Gould noted that remote participation was difficult. Information on how to connect to different rooms was very confusing. Codes were hard to use. More attention needs to be paid to remote participants. Information for how to call in to the Education Committee telecons should be easier to access.
NOAA's - new version out; CCEWG could do a session on this at the winter meeting (invite David Herring or Frank Niepold for plenary)