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Participants: Becky, Erin, Jesse, Margaret, Bob, Donna

  • NSTA – Materials to Indy
    • Margaret needs materials soon, or needs them mailed there.
    • Luanne will be there, says QR code scanning is popular so teachers don't need to tote along lots of materials.
  • Summer Meeting Session Proposals
    • Call for session proposals – anyone can propose one.
    • Education generally does Teacher Workshops
  • Teacher Workshops
    • Agenda not set yet – when does Plenary start? Wednesday morning. Idea is to have teacher workshops all day Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon.
    • Call it a pre-conference session if we do it before the Plenary?
    • We might want to make sure that the teachers can go to the Plenary – it helps them feel like part of the larger group, and sometimes is really valuable.
    • Studies Group will have small teacher workshop group at summer session.
    • My NASA data workshops will take all afternoon – take place of 4 sessions. Will that fragment our participants? Couple of workshops or meetings, making lesson plans and applets.
      • Maybe instead of one 3-hour session, make two 1.5 hour sessions, so that you can choose 2 more 45 minute sessions from the rest of the workshops.
    • 4 ESiP presenters needed for workshops.
      • One can be technology tools, perhaps
  • Using Online Tools at summer meeting
    • One at winter meeting was well received. Should it be part of the teacher workshop? Separate one for the entire group, after the teachers are gone? (After workshops.)
    • Perhaps do it 2x? Once targeted for teachers, once targeted for ESiP members?
    • Teachers are funded for entire meeting, so lets do it after and encourage them to stick around and mingle with the larger ESiP community.