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June 23rd Education Committee Teleconference Minutes

Participants: Margaret, Becky, Jesse, Bruce, Erin, Alan, Tamara

  • Interoperability among clickers? → Cells instead?
  • Anyone presenting in education conference will be able to use clickers.
    • Margaret will be using clickers next Tues in presentation for a test.
    • 5 buttons on the clickers, instant feedback for presentations, attendees can answer questions.

  • Late October NSTA Conference Hartford, CT. – need someone to go and report back to the Federation.
    • Becky may go.

  • ESiP Teacher workshop. Everything going well.
    • Field Trip Wed got canceled. 4 teachers only interested, guide couldn't come to the workshop, so not worth him driving down. Plenary sessions instead?

  • Student posters at conference? Upload, and have them rotate throughout the week? Tag them as 'student', 'fundingfri'.
    • Poster upload/site not live yet – end of month. Send out new solicitation for students.

  • Clean Pathway project, working towards to engaging ESiP attendees, link with scientists.
    • Mark will bring computers, we have a booth/hall setup.
    • Resources have gone through educational review, but not a science expert review. This is our job here.
    • Resources categorized by topic, trying to get people to do reviews on the spot.
    • All online, the science expert fills out a form. There is room for comments, but it's not a free-form review.
    • Should take ~30 minutes.
    • If people can help man booth, welcome to come, learn about the process.

  • Lifelines for Climate Change Education, teacher meeting, Clean Pathway is great, want to integrate Clean Pathways instead of duplicate.

  • Budget Requests: Think about what ESiP can/can't fund in requests.
    • NAAEE meeting call out for exhibits. Interest in having an ESiP booth, not as expensive as NSTA. Aug 1 deadline to request space. $410 reg, $500 something for a booth, includes 2 regs. NSTA is mostly formal education, NAAEE is mostly informal.
    • Last year, money left over in Education budget, used for Sally Ride Science Fair workshop. Can we participate in a Sally Ride festival this year?

  • Strategic Retreat Summary
    • Intense retreat, talk about gap analysis on what we're doing, based on strategic goals from 2009. What are our opportunities to enhance how the federation operates? Came away with ideas that we should be enhancing how we recognize contributions, and support new ESiP members via publications and other opportunities via Drupal.
    • Creation of fellowship programs - we need professional volunteers for short periods to bring expertise to federation issues. We tend to work at the speed of unpaid semi-focused volunteers.
    • What parts of Earth Science are we not supporting? Help the executives direct committees, make them more proactive. **We should pursue an emphasis on ESiP branding, what it is. Focus on language that describes what it is, what services it provides.
    • Facilitator going to release a report on the discussions.
    • From the standpoint of the education committee, lots of projects which have joined have been more technical, less educational. We need a gap analysis for the education committee.
    • Likely education outreach specialists out there that don't know that ESiP exists. What are other relevant orgs? How do we engage them? Collaboration with them? Do they join ESiP?