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From the ESIP Federation Bylaws:

Section 6: Standing Committee for Education
V.6.1 The ESIP Federation shall include a Standing Committee for Education. Its purpose is to make accessible to educators and learners at all levels in both formal and informal educational contexts the Earth science data, information, tools, and curricula available within the ESIP Federation. Its roles are:
a. To promote and facilitate the development and dissemination of Earth science educational products, information, and tools to a broad user community using the wealth of Earth science data and expertise available in the ESIP Federation.
b. To promote and facilitate the collaboration of multiple ESIP’s to develop educational applications of Earth science data products, information, and tools
c. To provide a central organization for ESIP Federation educational materials to facilitate and standardize dissemination/distribution
d. To develop collaborative relationships with other organizations involved in educational activities

The Chair of Education Committee serves on the ESIP Federation Executive Committee. In addition, the Chair calls committee meetings at regular intervals to conduct committee business. The Education Chair does not have to be a Voting Representative to the ESIP Federation Assembly. The chair of the Education Committee typically spends 1-3 hours/month on committee business.