Earth Science Data Analytics/2016-12-08 Telecon

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESDA Telecon notes – 12/8/16

Known Attendees:

ESIP Host (Bruce Caron), Lindsay Barbieri, Steve Kempler, Beth Huffer, Shea Caspersen, Chung-Lin Shie


1. ESIP Winter Session Discussion: Bar Will Lead with screen share "Session Agenda" that we can structure & formalize as we go.

a. Shea - talk about thoughts on the intro material

b. Talk about Overlap with the GeoSemantics Symposium (Beth & Bar)

c. Panel Discussion During the Session: what might that look like? should we scope the ESDA group?

2. Talk about Earth Science Data Analytics education program // some thoughts on the bigger picture in ESDA Learning


As I (Steve) bow out, I wish to thank all who have participated in the ESIP ESDA Cluster, and contributed to the difficult task, of literally, defining this new subject discipline. Especially, much thanks goes to Tiffany, my partner in crime, for all her enthusiasm in co-seeing this through. I am extremely thankful and confident that the ESIP ESDA Cluster is in excellent hands, those of Bar (aka Lindsay Barbieri), Shea, and of course Tiffany, in moving ESDA in new and very interesting ways. These folks are movers and things are going to get very exciting, fast.

Regarding this telecon:

We spoke briefly of the communications that Bar and Steve had with Leah Wasser, who is building Earth Systems Analytics programs for college level students. Bar and Steve both participated in her survey, but have not heard back. ESIP ESDA participation would be a huge contribution we can make to advancing ESDA studies at the university level, to better prepare students for the ESDA discipline. Perhaps we can even partake in developing curriculums.

The remainder of the telecon discussion hammered out our agenda for the ESIP ESDA Cluster face to face in Bethesda. Bar provides thew following notes (also found at: .

ESIP ESDA Session Agenda

Thursday 4pm - 90 Minutes:

15 minutes -- Intro of ESDA (Steve → Bar/Shea)

“What we did / Overview from our past work”

Last 6 months of work

Think about the transition → outline new directions

10 minutes -- Intro of Data Science / Technology connected to Earth Science Material (Shea)

45 minutes -- Panel Discussion / Speakers (facilitated by Shea & Bar)

Chris Mattman / Hook (Data Sciences) - technology

Chung-Lin-- (Domain sciences)

SES Session Scientists

More communication between domain sciences and data sciences

Frame discussion around what ESDA has already accomplished

10 minutes -- Report back from GeoSemantics Symposium (Beth & Bar)

Use cases for Semantics & problems in Earth Sciences that might be good to tackle using Semantics

Reporting back on the Semantics Technologies that might help in the Earth Sciences

“Match-Making” between Earth Science problems & tools

10 minutes -- Wrap Up & New Directions

ESDA Education Opportunities (mention)

Session Future? (telecons & summer session)


ACTION to Each of Us: Identify people who can contribute to better understanding the broader ranging data challenges.

Next Meeting:

ESIP ESDA Cluster face to face, Thursday, January 12, 4:00, Salon E


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