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ESDA Telecon notes – 4/16/15

Known Attendees:

ESIP Host (Erin Robinson), Steve Kempler, Chung-lin Shie, Tiffany Mathews, Ethan McMahon, Josh Cole, Robert Cavey, Brand Niemann



1. Adding use cases to the ESIP Earth Science Data Analytics USe Cases Google Doc

2. Potential ESIP ESDA workshop.

3. Open Mic


None, this time. Worked off Google Doc: Use Case Information:


Thank you all for attending. Making good progress...

At this telecon, we discussed the Use Case Google Doc that we generated from our Use Case Google Spreadsheet, depicting the Use Case template in text form, for population. The document also contains it's first Use Case. The template consists of:

  • Items 'a' through 'c' that provides Use Case identifying information
  • Items 'd' through 'f' that describes the data analytics being used and technical reasons for needing the used data analytics
  • Items 'g' through 'l' that, along with 'd', 'e', and 'f', allow us to categorize the Use Cases for further analysis

Sources for additional Use Cases were provided:

See Actions below…

Next we discussed the possibility of sponsoring a data analytics workshop at the summer meeting. Recapping some questions from our March telecon:

  • Who is our audience? ESIP technologists, who, once hearing problem/needs of at a analytics users, can go solve it.
  • Who are our experts? Suggestions made: Power users, who deal with lots of distributed heterogeneous data; Decision makers who can express what their needs; Google; Chris Mattmann (already in the Federation); Larrabee Strow (AIRS Scientist); of course, Peter Fox

At this telecon, potential themes focused on one or more of the following:

  • Applying analytics to environmental issues
  • The Progression of data analytics tool capabilities currently available to potential capabilities that will be needed
  • Matching data analytics needs with available tools

Commentary: All look good and we probably have time for all. The second and third bullets can be tied together. For the environmental issues, I look to Ethan who not only works in an agency that has a the word 'Environmental' in it's title, but has been focused on applying data analytics. Is there a way to present your findings: how and where data analytics are or could be applied in addressing environmental issues. Or suggest a speaker. For the tools oriented bullets, I will do some searching for west coast 'experts'

Summer Cluster Planning

There is interest enough to have two cluster session:

1. ESDA activities related: Use Case discussions; Surveying and documenting technologies; How to move forward on gap analysis; other items?

2. Knowledge, skills needed to be an Earth Science Data Scientist (gotta be a better way to say this). Candidate speakers: Peter Fox, Chris Mattmann.

Commentary on #2: Peter gave a real good talk to us at a previous ESIP cluster session on Data Analytics. And there are several AGU presentations and articles on being a Data Scientist. Next, I think we should include experiences. How about something like: Practical Experiences in Data Science. If this is good, I will contact Peter and Chris. It would be good to get 2 more speakers. Maybe Karen Stocks (see last AGU abstract submission below)


As of this moment, the following Data Analytics related session abstract have been proposed to the AGU:

  • Advanced Information Systems to Support Climate Projection Data Analysis

Gerald L Potter, Tsengdar J Lee, Dean Norman Williams, and Chris A Mattmann

  • Big Data Analytics for Scientific Data

Emily Law, Michael M Little, Daniel J Crichton, and Padma A Yanamandra-Fisher

  • Big Data in Earth Science – From Hype to Reality

Kwo-Sen Kuo, Rahul Ramachandran, Ben James Kingston Evans. and Mike M Little

  • Big Data in the Geosciences: New Analytics Methods and Parallel Algorithms

Jitendra Kumar and Forrest M Hoffman

  • Geophysical Science Data Analytics Use Case Scenarios

Steven J Kempler, Robert R Downs, Tiffany Joi Mathews, and John S Hughes

  • Partnerships and Big Data Facilities in a Big Data World

Kenneth S Casey and Danie Kinkade

  • Towards a Career in Data Science: Pathways and Perspectives

Karen I Stocks, Lesley A Wyborn, Ruth Duerr, and Lynn Yarmey

Next Telecon:

Thursday, May 14, 2015, 3:00 EST


1. Discuss Use Cases inserted in document

2. Potential ESIP ESDA workshop: Fish or cut bait

3. Summer Cluster Planning

4. Open Mic


Active Participants - Review Use Case document and provide feedback. Insert 3 use cases each. Due: By next telecon: May 14.

All - Please e-mail Steve ( with comments/suggestions on cluster topics by next telecon

All, Steve - Please respond: Does Cluster Session 2 above look reasonable ( If so, Steve will contact potential presenters

All Other Participants - E-mail Steve ( so you can be an Active Participant Soon. But don't need to be an Active Participant to review use please do

BTW, my e-mail is: