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* '''[[/{{PAGENAME}}_Telecons|Telecons:]]'''
* '''[[/{{PAGENAME}}_Telecons|Telecons:]]'''
** Third Thursday of each month (3 - 4 p.m. EST)
** Third Thursday of each month (3 - 4 p.m. EST)
** Next: February 26, 3-4 EST
** Next: March 19, 3-4 EST
** WebEx: https://esipfed.webex.com/  ,  23136782
** WebEx: https://esipfed.webex.com/  ,  23136782
** Telecon: 1-877-668-4493, 23136782#
** Telecon: 1-877-668-4493, 23136782#

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Welcome to the Earth Science Data Analytics Cluster


To promote a common understanding of the usefulness of, and activities that pertain to, Data Analytics and more broadly, the Data Scientist, and facilitate collaborations between organizations that seek new ways to better understand the cross usage of heterogeneous datasets and organizations/individuals who can provide accommodating data analytics expertise, now and as the needs evolve into the future. And identify gaps that, once filled, will further collaborative activities.


- Provide a forum for ‘Academic’ discussions that allow ESIP members to be better educated and on the same page in understanding the various aspects of Data Analytics

- Bring in guest speakers to describe overviews of external efforts and further teach us about the broader use of Data Analytics.

- Perform activities that:

--- Compile use cases generated from specific community needs to cross analyze heterogeneous data (could be ESIP members or external)

--- Compile experience sources on the use of analytics tools, in particular, to satisfy the needs of the above data users (also, could be ESIP members or external)

--- Examine gaps between needs and expertise

--- Document the specific data analytics expertise needed in above collaborations

- Seek graduate data analytics/ Data Science student internship opportunities

Events and Activities

2016-12-08: Telecon XXIX
2016-11-17: Telecon XXVIII
2016-10-20: Telecon XXVII
2016-09-15: Telecon XXVI
2016-08-18: Telecon XXV
2016-07-20: July, 2016 ESIP Meeting notes (Durham), Earth Science Data Analytics Tools, Techniques and More
2016-06-16: Telecon XXIV
2016-05-26: Telecon XXIII
2016-04-21: Telecon XXII
2016-03-17: Telecon XXI
2016-02-18: Telecon XX
2016-01-21: Nineteenth Telecon
2016-01-07: January, 2016 ESIP Meeting notes (Washington), Earth Science Data Analytics - What are your analytics requirements?
2015-12-03: Eighteenth Telecon
2015-11-12: Seventeenth Telecon
2015-09-17: Sixteenth Telecon
2015-08-20: Fifteenth Telecon
2015-07-16: July, 2015 ESIP Meeting notes (Asilomar), The Need for Earth Science Data Analytics to Facilitate Community Resilience (and other applications)
2015-07-14: July, 2015 ESIP Meeting notes (Asilomar), Teaching Science Data Analytics Skills, and the Earth Science Data Scientist
2015-06-18: Fourteenth Telecon
2015-05-21: Thirteenth Telecon
2015-04-16: Twelfth Telecon
2015-03-19: Eleventh Telecon
2015-02-26: Tenth Telecon
2015-02-05: Ninth Telecon
2015-01-07: January, 2015 ESIP Meeting notes (Washington), ESDA 201 Session
2015-01-07: January, 2015 ESIP Meeting notes (Washington), ESDA 101 Session
2014-11-20: Eighth Telecon
2014-10-23: Seventh Telecon
2014-08-21: Sixth Telecon
2014-07-10: July, 2014 ESIP Meeting notes (Frisco)
2014-06-26: Fifth Telecon
2014-05-22: Fourth Telecon
2014-04-17: Third Telecon
2014-03-20: Second Telecon
2014-02-20: First Telecon
2014-01-09: Initial ESIP Meeting notes


Active Collaborations

Gathering Use Cases...

Gathering Analytics Tools/Techniques...

Use Case Information Needed Working Spreadsheet...



Other References

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