Earth Information Exchange Portlets

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Presenting Organizations: NASA Geoscience Interoperability Office (GIO) and George Mason Univ. (GMU)

ESIP has been focused on sharing earth science information among its partners, and proposed the Earth Information Exchange to facilitate the data, information, and knowledge exchange among partners.

Through the ESG-EIE partnership among ESIP, NASA GIO, and GMU, we investigated the available technologies that can support the seamlessly sharing of earth science data, information, and knowledge by leveraging: 1) web services & portlets for generic data and information, 2) spatial web services for geoscience data and information, and 3) ontology and semantic search for knowledge. Using ESG as a backbone, a prototype is developed to illustrate the potential for sharing data, information, and knowledge through the interoperable approaches. And an Air Quality portlet is developed as a first example. More portlets, such as water and public health, will be developed in the future. The prototype can be accessed @

This workshop will provide an overview and introduction to the prototype and supporting interoperable technologies. We’ll also illustrate how to customize a portal from the portlets.

Duration: 2 hr