ESIP Summer Meeting AQ

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)
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Wednesday July 13th 8:30-10am - Interoperability 10:30-noon - Interoperability

Thursday July 14th 8:30-10am - Data Quality -or- Interoperability 10:30-noon - Data Quality -or- Interoperability

Interoperability Best Practices

3. Web services [STEVE LUDEWIG]

3.1. Services as a functions of data type
3.2. How to implement a web service
3.3. Service 1
3.4. Service 2
3.5. Service 3
Brian Wilson – JPL
NASA Giovanni team (Greg Leptoukh and Chris Lynnes)
OGC – AIP4 or elsewhere (George Percival or Nadine Alameh)
Ciera Julich Datafed?
Uma Shankar - VIEWS

4. Data formats and standards [STEFAN FALKE]

4.1. Types of data formats
4.2. Recommended formats by data type
4.3. Considerations for data formats
Ben Domenico - may point us to other NCAR folks
OPENDAP – active in ESIP in past – James Gallagher (somebody other than JG is coming)
Nick Mangus (already attending)

5. Naming conventions (ontology) [TIM DYE]

5.1. Types of ontologies
5.2. Recommended naming conventions
Christiane Textor (has since left the job where she did the ontology)
Peter Fox
Rob Raskin
Greg Frost
Uma Shankar and Shawn McClure (just implemented a wcs for VIEWS server

6. Metadata standards [GLYNIS LOUGH]

6.1. Type of metadata
6.2. Standards for metadata
6.3. Tools for documenting and distributing metadata
6.4. Recommended metadata standards
Shawn McClure and Uma Shankar
Ted Habermann for sure
Tyler Stevens from NASA is doing a breakout session already on NASA’s metadata
Erin Robinson did some
Nick Mangus

8. Security and authentication [STEVE LUDEWIG]

8.1. Security issues and considerations
8.2. Methods for securing services
8.3. Methods for authentication
George Percival

9. Implementing interoperability [GLYNIS LOUGH]

9.1. Steps for creating an interoperable system
9.2. Tips and tools to create an interoperable system
Shawn McClure
(Shawn McClure said he will work on attending – remote is probably possible, but in-person is not possible without funds.)

Steve Richard – NSF project?
Jim Szykman / Todd Plessel?

Before ESIP: gather info, discuss with experts
At ESIP: Lead a section, lead the discussion, recap what we’ve found.

Next week’s call:

How would a best practices document look? What does it include? What level of detail?

Data Quality Panel Discussion

15-minute presentations and roundtable discussion
Ross Bagwell
1. Tim Dye (confirmed)
2. Greg Frost (confirmed)
3. Nick Mangus (attending ESIP, need to contact about this session)
4. Bojan Bojkov