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Telecon: Monday May 16 1:00 - 2:00PM EDT
Call In Details:
Please join from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
You can also dial in using your phone.
United States +1 (646) 749-3131
Access Code: 168-308-485


  1. State of Membership application review
  2. Review of Member Packet in preparation for this spring's membership
    • New Member Packet Review. Ready to go?
    • 'Welcome Letter' from Emily. I don't think we've reviewed this yet; there is a place holder for it in the packet contents.
    • Code of conduct. New to the committee and the packet(?), but potentially unfinished by the last committee. Does it need more work and should it go in the packet?
  1. Begin drafting Policies and Procedures for Partnership Committee

Meeting Minutes / Other Notes

Present: Danie Kinkade, Erin, Scott Hausman

State of Membership application review

Membership applications have been posted. No comments have been received by Danie. Annie has indicated barring any problems foreseen by Partnership, she will announce the open voting period beginning today (May 16) to last 30 days. Danie indicated that there are no issues precluding doing so.

Review of Member Packet in preparation for this spring's membership

  • New Member Packet Review.

Comments on the new member packet included adding links to the Code of Conduct draft, Policies and Procedures page (Danie to get from Ken) and also linking out to a contacts page (if available) under section 7. (Contact Us). In addition it was agreed that the packet could be re-organized by moving some of the more general information (e.g., history) to below the more critical engagement/process information.

  • Welcome Letter' from Emily.

It was felt that the letter from Emily is complete and ready to be distributed to new members once they are announced. The letter will come from Emily via mailchimp with a link to the new member packet. Danie will follow up with new members some time after Emily's initial contact to check in to see if there are any questions, and to encourage attendance at the Summer Meeting, and engaging with teams/clusters

  • Code of conduct.

Right now, the Code of Conduct is in draft form. It was never officially adopted by the Assembly, but Erin would like it to be brought up for accepting during the next assembly voting cycle. Once we're happy with the draft we can work with staff to introduce and socialize the Code at the summer meeting. Emily can mention it in the State of the Union talk, where she could solicit feedback or suggestions from other organizations' Codes. Voting would take place before Winter Meeting.

All agreed that the draft Code of Conduct should be linked in the new member packet. Danie will add.

It was pointed out that the original source was strictly for meetings/conferences, but that ESIP's revision and adopted language is suitable. But, we should remove the link to the original source to eliminate anyone assuming the Code applies only to a limited scope of ESIP's activities. Danie will remove the link. Also, we should add a positive, welcoming block of text that encourages ESIP assembly members to engage in the many opportunities ESIP has to offer.

Begin drafting Policies and Procedures for Partnership Committee

was saved for later meeting

Additional discussion regarding NCEI representation- (i.e., should NCEI remain three distinct members, or modify its membership to reflect its current organization structure). This was outside the agenda, but the end result is that the current representation (with Scott, Ken and Eric as voting reps) will stand until further notice. ESIP participation on committees, clusters, etc. does not rely on the number of voting reps in an organization, so the ability to engage in ESIP structure will not be affected regardless of any reorganization. Historically, Federal partners may have had multiple reps due to the sliced nature of the larger parent organization.

Action Items

  1. Danie to email Emily to let her know she'll send out the new member letter/packet
  2. Danie will modify the current packet to include links to Policies and Procedures, draft Code of Conduct, and contacts.
  3. Danie will edit the current Code of Conduct draft to remove the source link, and add one sentence encouraging member participation.

April Action Items

  1. Danie to contact Erin regarding precedent of applications listing roles rather than permanent individuals as members (as in the EarthCube application). In addition, Danie would request a bit more information in some of the EarthCube application sections.
  2. Annie to post EC application once issues are resolved
  3. Danie will review ESIP Strategic Plan for any places where tighter alignment with the Partnership Committee's Plan is possible.
    • Danie will discuss with Erin priorities for the committee beyond the C&B objectives of application review.
    • Request to flesh out any more nebulous tasks be made

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