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Meeting Visioneering Working Group WIKI

Executive Committee <--link back

Bruce Caron initiated a survey on Survey Monkey. There is a PDF file with outcomes from this survey:


Needs Matrix

Winter 2007 Meeting Agenda

Summer 2007 Meeting Agenda

Carol Meyer's thoughts on "ESIP CAMP" (8 January 2007): The 05 Jan a.m. session suggested that we're not ready for a full camp experience. I think that devoting a day to this format is a worthwhile exercise, given that the summer meeting will be morphing into our technical meeting from now on (I think). The many suggestions of providing some thematic structure up front is desirable and we can start with some of the high level themes that emerged from the Winter 07 breakouts. (Peter Fox is out front working on demo sessions for Semantic Web.) Tying this fully to the theme of "Sustainability" might be a stretch but for the technical/workshop portion of the program, this tie might be less necessary than it would be for the plenary sessions.

Ken Casey's thoughts on "ESIP CAMP" (5 January 2007):

1. GREAT idea to bring real problems to ESIP meetings. I feel we need to get down to more specific problems and use the ESIP meeting to spend time solving them, or at the very least working out a solid plan of action that can (and must) be followed up on after the meeting.

2. Completely following the "BarCamp" example is not quite right for ESIP, at least not yet. I think we need a bit more structure and advance planning... for example, concrete ideas are proposed for consideration during the next meeting. A handful are selected in advance so that Federation members can work toward making sure the right staff members can attend (if possible) or do some advance preparation to be ready for the meeting.

Bruce Wilson's thoughts on "ESIP CAMP" (5 January 2007):

In-depth discussions of solutions would be of substantial interest to me. That can work in this format as well. I agree that a whole-hog transition to this Barcamp-style format would be problematic. However, some time done this way could well work.