ESIP Expertise

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ESIP Expertise Working Group

Next Telecon

Friday June 25, 2:30pm EDT (11:30am PDT)
Dial: 800-508-7631
Access Code: *1297219*
Review of the skills registered in the Skills Database


Help identify categories for an ESIP expert skills directory. Federation members will be able to register their skills in a searchable directory - to include skill categories, expertise levels and any privacy flags.


See the initial category list: [Categories]

Potential Uses of the Expert Database

  • Match Federation members with GEO teams working on funded "Earth Observations for Decision Support" projects
  • Spawn new collaborations
  • Create a skills "bank" where "ESIP hours" accumulate by providing a technical service needed by some Federation member, and then spent to obtain a service from a different Federation member.