ESIP Discovery Cluster 2011 Winter Meeting

From Federation of Earth Science Information Partners

When: Wednesday, January 5, 2011. 10:15am-12:15am. Where: ESIP 2011 Winter meeting. Room TBD.


Targeting audience who are familiar with federated discovery services. Less tutorial, more about getting stuff done.

Tentative Agenda

  • Introduction (Hook, 5-minutes)
  • Interoperability Use Cases (60-minutes)
    • Extend opensearch to service casting (Chris, 5-7 minutes)
    • Service casting and data (granule and collection) casting (Ruth, 10-minutes)
    • Coastal data visualization data casting. (Ken Keiser, 10-minutes)
    • Hybrid casting (Brian?, 10-minutes)
    • Discussion interoperability (20-minutes)
  • Setup governance mechanism (30 minutes)
    • there is a need to move forward.
    • there exists multiple data centers involved in Discovery services.
    • we need it since interoperability, different centers, standards.
    • agree on process, and then follow it.
    • if we agree up front how decisions is made, can make progress quickly. urgency, it's happening now.
    • appoint folks.
    • tracking issues.
    • proposing, ratifying, changing standards
    • document what's happening. transparent trail on wiki.
  • Discussion on key issues. (10-15 minutes)
    • identify the issues.
    • can assign to people.
  • Atom vs RSS comparative. (Brian?, 10-15 minutes)

Follow up plans

  • followup demos in ESIP Summer meeting.