ESIP Discovery Cluster 2011 Winter Meeting

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The set of ESIP Discovery web services encompass the overlapping conventions of Earth science data-oriented OpenSearch, Data-Collection Casting, Data-Granule Casting, and Service Casting feed standards. With multiple distributed Earth science data systems already implementing these casting standards, a need has arisen to develop interoperable and community-driven conventions. We will cover interoperability use cases, setup a governance process for moving forward, discuss key issues, and settle on an initial ESIP Discovery Cast Response format.


To settle on a set of discovery-oriented cast/feed services (OpenSearch, data collection casting, data granule casting, service casting) that are interoperable with one another. We are targeting an audience that is familiar with federated discovery services. This session will be less on tutorial, more on getting stuff done.

Tentative Agenda

  • Interoperability Use Cases (45-minutes)
    • Extend OpenSearch to service casting (Chris Lynnes, 10-minutes)
    • Service casting and data (granule and collection) casting (Ruth Duer, 10-minutes)
    • Coastal data visualization data casting. (Ken Keiser, 10-minutes)
    • Discussion on interoperability (15-minutes)
  • Setup governance mechanism (30-minutes working session)
    • there is a need to move forward.
    • there exists multiple data centers involved in Discovery services.
    • we need it since interoperability, different centers, standards.
    • agree on process, and then follow it.
    • if we agree up front how decisions is made, can make progress quickly. urgency, it's happening now.
    • appoint folks.
    • tracking issues.
    • proposing, ratifying, changing standards
    • document what's happening. transparent trail on wiki.
  • Discussion on key issues. (20-minutes)
    • identify the issues.
    • could assign to people.
  • Atom vs RSS comparative. (10-minutes) ???
  • Settle on specification of response format (10-minutes working session)
    • Review Discovery Cast Atom Response Format
    • Namspace
    • ESIP extensions to Atom Response
      • Temporal extents
      • Spatial extents
      • rel links type vocabulary
      • Pagination support
      • Custom tags (with namespace!) at top-level of <entry>

Next Steps

  • Follow up with demos in ESIP Summer meeting.